The price of cotton dropped sharply and it went up 20%

Since the beginning of autumn, many autumn clothes have been quietly listed. Reporters yesterday visited some of the city's major shopping malls and found that despite the recent drop in cotton prices, autumn prices are much higher than in previous years. According to some autumn store shopping guides and clothing business owners revealed that autumn prices this year has not been affected by the recent decline in cotton prices, compared with the same period last year rose by an average of about two percent.

The price of cotton dropped by up to 40% Liu Wanjun, the person in charge of a cotton product processing company in the city, told reporters that since the end of February this year, the price of cotton has fallen from a high of 34,000 yuan/ton at the time to May. The lowest point in the late 22,000 yuan / ton, a decline of nearly 30%, has now dropped to about 19,700 yuan, a drop of up to 40%.

Autumn prices rose by 20%

Despite the recent fall in the price of cotton, but yesterday, the reporter visited some of the city's shopping malls found that before the fall of the market prices have risen against the market.

In some large shopping malls in Jiefangbei, the reporter saw that some brands had already hung the autumn new products in the prominent position of the shop. However, compared with last year, prices for some single products with similar fabrics and styles have all increased.

"For example, this pencil pants only listed, this year's price is 789 yuan, and last year the same style as long as more than 680 yuan." Heavy shopping mall brand a monopoly guide buyer introduced the brand of other styles of clothing are higher than last year's prices 50 to 100 yuan/piece. According to the person in charge of apparel sales at the New Century Shopping Mall, shopping malls are expected to wait until the end of the month before the end of this month. It is expected that the prices of autumn clothes of all brands will be increased compared with previous years, with an average increase of about 20%.

“This year our association’s autumn clothing prices for various branded apparels have also been raised by 10% to 20% compared to the same period of last year.” Tang Yi, president of the city's Fashion apparel association, said that in recent years, he has sold good leather Jackets and cotton materials. The dosage is about 30%, and the wholesale price for each piece was about 240 yuan in the same period of last year. It was only listed this year, and its price rose to 260-270 yuan per piece.

The transmission of cotton prices lags behind on the one-half year side. "The reason is influenced by the delay in the transmission of cotton prices." Cheng Qifei, who has been a clothing business for more than 20 years and is also the vice chairman of the Chongqing City Clothing Association, told reporters that raw materials and labor are the two biggest costs for garment companies.

It is understood that in the production of garments, cotton-made garments undergo five links of cotton, cotton yarn, weaving, dyeing, and processing. "Cotton from picking to processing into cotton, and then to clothing companies, which lasted at least six months." Cheng Qifei introduced during this period, the price fluctuation is difficult to predict, the price of clothing is from three to four months ago the market price of cotton yarn, labor costs It is determined by other factors. “Generally speaking, the autumn clothes that are on the shelves now use the cotton of this spring, when the cotton price was at a high level.” Cheng Qifei said, “However, according to the current decline in cotton prices, it is expected that the spring price will fall next year this year. ”

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