Violet Home Textiles: Wedding Bedding Options

Marriage is the most beautiful dream in a person's life. A person has only one marriage in his life. The choice of wedding bedding is the most beautiful rehearsal of marriage. At the same time, wedding bedding is also the most important part of the home textile brand. Violet Home Textiles creates a complete dream with a low-key, luxurious and romantic bedding. Violet wedding products exquisite embroidery, perfect color, exquisite corners, let you feel endless and welcoming warmth and romance. Here, the China National Textile First Line brand guides you how to choose a wedding bedding.

Violet Home Textiles: Wedding Bedding Options

Bed cover

The bedspread is an important ornament on the bed. The first thing you see in the bedroom is it, which is the keynote of the entire bedding. Because the bedspread is not close to the human skin, you don't have to use cotton products. You can choose the good or poplin. These materials are quite crisp and not easy to wrinkle. The style of the bed cover should be harmonized with the color and style of the room furniture. Because it is a new marriage, you may wish to choose some colors that are warm and joyous.


It is best to use natural cotton products with better moisture absorption, and fiber cotton is also a good choice. This sheet is soft and comfortable. It is true that a kind of polyester-cotton blend has poor hygroscopicity, is easy to generate static electricity, and is dusty. It is also preferred to select a polyester component. Sheets should not be too thick and too thick, as dust can easily deposit on the mattress through the perforations of the sheets.


Nowadays, the quilts on the market have various materials. The difference is that the advantages of the duvet are that it has good warmth and good hygroscopicity and sweat permeability. The silk is made of mulberry silk, because the silkworm is growing. Chemicals such as pesticides cannot be touched, and silk is considered to be the most environmentally friendly quilt; the insulation of wool (cashmere) is unquestionable and has a good drapability, so the fit and comfort are very good. The price of the fiber is moderate, but the price will vary according to different specifications such as four holes, seven holes and nine holes. The more the number of fiber holes, the better the warmth, elasticity, and air permeability.


In general, the height of the pillow is about 9 cm, which is equivalent to the height of the fist. The pillow core is preferably made of buckwheat husk and other easy-to-adjust. Filling should be soft so that it is good for adjusting the pillow during sleep. When lying on the back, the pillow is low in the back of the pillow and the neck is high to increase the contact area between the neck and the pillow, and to maintain the natural physiological curvature of the cervical vertebra. In the lateral position, the pillow should be adjusted so that the cervical vertebra remains parallel to the shoulder when it is in the upright position. This is in line with the sleep of the cervical spine under normal physiological conditions.

Note on choosing wedding bedding:

1. Whether it is a quilt, a pillow, or a sheet, strong elasticity and good ventilation are the hallmarks of the superior bedding.

2. All sheets are covered by quilts, etc. There are uniform standards: for example, a bed of 1.5m×2m should buy a quilt cover of 2m×2.3m standard; for a bed of 1.8m×2m, a set of 2.3m×2.4m should be selected. . Be sure to figure out the size of your bed before you buy. It is recommended to buy a kit first, then do or buy a quilt to avoid being quilted.

3. The fabric on the bed in contact with the body should try to choose the fabric of pure cotton texture. The cotton fabric absorbs sweat and is soft, which is good for the sweat gland to "breath" and body health, and it is soft to the touch, which is very easy to create a sleeping atmosphere.

4. Finally and most importantly, your bed is a comfortable place for both of you. Therefore, when choosing a bed, it is best to try both of them to ensure that you are satisfied.

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