Interpretation: A Survey of the Competitive Patterns of the Major Shoe Countries in the World

The footwear enterprises in developed countries, represented by European and American footwear enterprises, occupy the high-end of the global industrial chain through their design, quality and brand advantages, and they dominate the development trend and trend of the global footwear industry. Apart from retaining a small amount of high-end production capacity, they mainly focus on brand operations, Product R&D and design, sales channel management, etc., will outsource most of the lower profit margins such as production; China, India, Brazil and other developing countries rely on manufacturing cost advantage to mainly engage in the design and production of mid- to low-end shoes, or OEM-based For the well-known shoe brands in Europe and America for processing, low value-added products, in the low end of the industrial chain.

There are three major footwear production regions in the world: 1: Asian countries led by China, including Vietnam, India, and Indonesia, occupy more than 70% of the world's production volume; 2: Europe, Italy, Spain and Portugal, etc. Occupy no more than 20% of production; 3: The remaining production comes from Brazil in South America, Mexico in North America and other countries. At present, the countries and regions with the largest output of footwear products are China, the European Union (mainly Italy, Spain, Portugal), India, Vietnam, and Brazil.

China’s labor resources are abundant and the cost is low. Although the footwear industry is currently facing the impact of unstable export environment and rising labor costs, after years of development, it has established a sound upstream and downstream industry chain to form a variety of footwear production. Industrial clusters and industrial facilities are perfect. Compared with other countries, China's footwear industry has obvious comprehensive competitive advantages. In the short term, it will be difficult for countries to replace China’s footwear giants.


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