The identification and investment of bloodstone

The identification and investment of bloodstone In the more than 30 years of carving career, Qian Gaochao, a master of Chinese jade carving and bloodstone carving, created thousands of works, which are both prize-winning and sought after by collectors. However, he told reporters indifferently that he had to spend months or even years to complete a stone carving and he did not have time to pay attention to the red-hot art market.

The orgasm was born in Lin'an, Zhejiang Province in 1956. In the 1970s, after Premier Zhou gave the Changhua Bloodstone as a national gift to the former Prime Minister of Japan Tanaka Kakuei, Changhua’s bloodstone became famous. So the locals sent a group of young people to Wenzhou to sculpt their masters in Qingtian, and the high school graduates who had just graduated from high school also came to Wenzhou to study carving techniques. Years later, the climax of skillful money returned home to establish the stone carving factory. During this time he also taught more than 100 apprentices.

From the climax of the money, compared with other types of stone carving, bloodstone carving has obvious difficulty, because bloodstone is the most precious blood, and the principle of carving is to preserve the blood color to the maximum. “No matter what type of stone carving is concerned with the use of materials and skill, the landscapes, flowers, birds and insects must be ingeniously designed. The bloodstone sculpture is more restricted by the original stone than other types of stone carving, and should be highlighted in the sculpture. The bloody part should not only be designed and conceived according to the distribution of the blood color, but also be adjusted at any time along the changes in the direction of the blood. Neither blood should be cut off or cut, nor should the blood be bored. Creative and original stone can only see the surface of chicken blood, how to distribute chicken blood inside the stone, no one can see it, can only be judged based on experience. One mistake, it destroyed a piece of rough stone." Say.

Bloodstone is mainly made of seals, followed by sculptural handicrafts, in addition to original stone appreciation. Regarding the phenomenon of "heavy stone does not re-sculpt" in bloodstone, Qian Gaochao said: "The good stone must be based on the seal. The general stone is to increase its added value, so it will be carefully crafted and give the stone a new life."

It is not easy to invest in collecting bloodstone, and it takes many years of experience to accumulate. The climax of the money is Changhua’s bloodstone. For example, we believe that the first thing to look for is blood color, and the second is to look at the texture. “It depends on whether the stone is clean, fine, red, whether the red color is concentrated, the blood area is large, and the color is bright. The texture is frozen with sheep fat, followed by frozen ice. The red and transparent “Dahongpao” has the highest market value. Both black and white and blood are 'Liu Guan Zhang'. The carvings also depend on whether the craft is ingenious." Qian Gaochao believes that collecting bloodstone is not risky if it is not a fake product. "Price has been rising, and the price is increasing each year." ."

The climax of the money shows that since the bloodstone resources are scarce and they are only found in China, the phenomenon of rising prices will continue. “Changhua bloodstone has not yet reached its due price, because the minerals are still scattered and there is no centralized management. Management, market value has not been improved, which carved pieces of considerable value-added space."

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