Network marketing operation process

[China Glass Network] From the perspective of marketing, the main purpose of marketing is roughly the promotion of brand, new product promotion, direct sales of products, etc. Internet marketing is also the case, the ultimate goal is to achieve sales, thus giving The company brings profits. The following are some of the operational procedures in the actual marketing of Internet marketing, we do not take a look:

I. Feasibility analysis

That is to say, before conducting network marketing, enterprises need to conduct research on the following four aspects, namely product characteristics, industry competition status, financial status and human resources.

1. Product characteristics: Whether it is necessary to carry out marketing activities online depends to a large extent on the characteristics of the industry and the characteristics of the products. Network marketing is to adapt to the development of marketing means rather than to be fashionable, if the characteristics of an industry determine the use Traditional methods are more effective, so you don't have to worry about online marketing for the time being. If online marketing can't bring tangible benefits in the short term, it should still be done according to the characteristics of the company.

2. Industry competition: The development of the Internet provides convenience for the analysis of the competitive situation of the industry. Enterprises in the same industry are often included in the search engines or catalogues because they produce similar products or services. To understand competitors or other peers. Whether you are online, just go to some related websites to check and analyze the competitor's website, and you will have a general understanding of the industry's competition. If competitors, especially competitors with relatively close strengths, have started online marketing and even have made significant gains, then your company needs to seriously consider its own online marketing strategy.

3. Financial status: The expenditure for network marketing is not consumption, but an investment, and it is a long-term investment. Sometimes it needs to continuously invest funds. Internet marketing may not achieve immediate results. Decision-makers should develop an online marketing strategy that suits their own conditions, such as the function and construction of the website, the structure of the network marketing organization, and the promotion efforts.

4. Human resources: Compared with traditional marketing, network marketing has its own particularities, such as the interactivity of the Internet itself, the timeliness of information release, and the basic means of network marketing--site construction and promotion, which requires the network. Marketers have both marketing knowledge and certain Internet technology foundations. This kind of compound talents is currently in short supply. Whether enterprises have high-level network marketing talents has a direct impact on the effectiveness of network marketing.

Second, the main steps of network marketing

1. Product selection:

Not All Products are suitable for final sales through online marketing, so the basis of online marketing is to select product lines and establish different product line promotion goals.

2. Target customer population is defined:

According to the selected products, the target customer population is delineated, such as the occupation, income, age, hierarchy, consumption habits, business people, college students and other fields to determine the target customer population.

3. Set goals:

According to different activities, from the coverage of the crowd, information collection, sales, etc. to set the corresponding goals. 4. Promotion method selection:

Online marketing usually has the following forms of promotion. According to the objectives of different activities, you can choose the appropriate promotion method. Portal, vertical website advertising, text chain, search engine keywords, purchase website alliance, database-based email marketing, EDM electronic direct mail, SP SMS group advertising.

Third, the network marketing implementation process
1. Market research: Through market research, we can make a real understanding of the market, mainly to understand the customer group, as well as the daily behavior and thinking style of the customer group. Knowing who your customers are, where your customers are, and the amount of customers you need, you can actually use the network resources to complete the business.

2, market positioning: market positioning is based on market research, dominate, whether it can be marketed through the network, although the network space is large, but not all companies are suitable to trade through the network, so be sure to According to their own situation to consider 3, the formation of the program: according to market positioning, and then find the target customer group in the main concentrated place on the Internet, some customer groups mainly through the search method, but also mainly concentrated in the industry network, and some will often In the forum. There is also how to step by step, how to pass your goods to customers and so on.

4. Execution of the plan: According to the above-mentioned plan, gradually proceed to complete the completion, show the customers more than they want in the way that the customer prefers, and have convenient contact.

5, effect evaluation and strategy adjustment: a scientific positioning of the implementation of the program, timely adjustment program, the main criteria for evaluation is customer attention and customer consultation, customer consultation volume and customer volume comparison, to find out The method of promotion in network marketing is carried out.

Fourth, the network marketing service content

1. Online market research: The use of interactive information communication channels of the Internet to conduct survey activities. It includes investigating directly through the questionnaire online, and can also collect some second-hand information needed in market research through the Internet.

2. Online consumer behavior analysis: Internet users as a special group have different characteristics from traditional market groups. Therefore, in order to carry out effective network marketing activities, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the online user group's demand characteristics, purchase motivation and purchase behavior. mode. Understanding group characteristics and preferences is key to online consumer behavior analysis.

3. Network marketing strategy formulation: Different enterprises are in different positions in the market. When adopting network marketing to achieve corporate marketing goals, they must adopt a marketing strategy that is compatible with the enterprise. At the same time, enterprises should also consider the impact of product cycle on the development of network marketing strategies when formulating network marketing strategies.

4. Online product and service strategy: As an online product and service marketing, we must rethink the traditional product strategy of product design, development, packaging and branding in combination with network characteristics.

5. Website promotion, etc.: such as: domain name registration, web hosting, website construction, portal search, engine registration, and network integration marketing.

V. Ideas for the development of network marketing plans

1. Network marketing strategy planning: overall goals and strategic plans;

2. Network Marketing Plan:

1. Network marketing objectives;

2. The content and methods of implementing network marketing in enterprises;

3. Enterprise web design framework;

4. Network marketing implementation plan;

5. Problems that should be paid attention to in network marketing

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