Taihe clothing: compose a win-win congenital win-win future

February 1, 2012, at 3:00 pm, the multi-purpose hall on the first floor of Tai Wo Building is full of laughter, singing and dancing, and the meticulously planned Tai Wo Dress 2011 Gold Medal Employee Recognition Conference 2012 is held here. . Zhang Xiuying, general manager of Taihe Apparel, Zhang Yuxiang, deputy general manager of Taihe Holding and Wanlaihong, director of Taihe Holding, attended the conference with more than 200 staff including some outstanding staff representatives and some production workshop staff.

With the theme of "Thanksgiving, Solidarity and Win-win", the congress solemnly commended the strictly selected over 60 excellent employees at all levels in 2011, which greatly encouraged the morale of all employees, strengthened their confidence and strengthened the Company's The cohesion and enhance the sense of belonging! At the same time, the person in charge of relevant departments to report the staff at the scene last year's work, arrangements for this year's work, the general manager of apparel companies and relevant departments on-site 2012 operational goals responsibility, arranged brilliant Literary programs and raffle activities, so that my colleagues enjoy the wonderful visual feast at the same time, but also harvest a joy full return!

Product Development Department ingenuity of a funny dance skewer opening, let the audience laugh over the sky. Subsequently, the head of functional department of apparel company on-site report on the work of this department last year and this year's work arrangements, and finally the general manager Zhang Xiuying on behalf of the company's board of directors, Zhang in his speech fully affirmed the work of Taihe clothing in 2011, In the face of the complex and ever-changing market situation, Taihe Garments basically completed various business targets issued by the holding company. In particular, Taihe's successful acquisition of "China Famous Brand Name" in 2011 marked the brand building of Taihe Climbed a new peak. To this end, she expressed her heartfelt thanks to all my colleagues who worked diligently for the company. At the same time, Mr. Zhang also pointed out the problems in our work, especially our management team is weak in execution and management is not in place and needs to be further strengthened.

Zhang pointed out that there is still a long way to go in the new year and there are many unexpected difficulties along the way. Hope that all Taihe costumes in the grand goal of "a century-old enterprises in China Famous Brand Tree," establish a sense of responsibility, establish a global outlook, with the courage to innovate entrepreneurial spirit, fully into the Taihe brand building, for the development of Taihe Give advice, make new contributions.

"Huangsha battle wear armor, do not break the Loulan never return", Zhang encouraged everyone, to face the reality and courage to play, Lectra short board, firmly "a century-old Chinese brand-name enterprises," the conviction to take concrete action to Implement our internal management innovation and market expansion plan, to fully meet the business objectives in 2012 and work!

Honor stage only belongs to outstanding staff, but to show their talent and talent is the stage of the Taihe each Taihe, throughout the commendation in the middle, various departments have interspersed with well-arranged programs. The versatile and energetic Taihe people compete to show their spirit of pride and passion, and theatrical performances kicked off in the "God of Wealth" presented by the Marketing Department. The "God of Wealth" was accompanied by two "fairies" To Taihe, the gold ingots scattered audiences, festive, funny dress up and performance to the audience atmosphere to another climax, the purchasing department's song "the most beautiful" high song, commercial management commentary "meal" humorous, Join the Department of poetry recitation "Qinyuan spring traffic jams," attracted the applause; the Ministry of Finance four and a half "Outlook 2012" Comments ministries and ministries of production of four dance "love of love" vibrant, dynamic; game "drink Beer "attracted laughter.

The central region of all the good manager of a melody, singing professional "wild lilies are also spring" is the whole show to the climax! These wonderful so that we immersed in a happy, peaceful ocean! Finally, all the leaders Sing with the best staff "Love each other family."

From now on, we should make every effort to unite as one and work together for the common goal. Under the leadership of President Ding, our cause will be full of sunshine. The cause of all of us will be more brilliant!

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