Fashion Week Trends: The Flower Wonder of 2012 Fall Winter Fashion Patterns

Leading Word: Xiao Bian sums up the flowers on the London fashion show for you. From the flower printing in spring and summer to autumn and winter, what kind of splendor will it be?


You will be pleased to see the colorfulness of your flowers during London Fashion Week 2012. You will hear spring and summer flower prints still shining in autumn and winter. From the size of the graphic, the darkness of the color, there will be a different printing passion.


Peter Pilotto's Autumn/Winter 2012 fashion show highlights women's perfect lines with a large floral print on the elastic fabric.


Temperley London2012 autumn and winter fashion show, from the flower print with a bit of national wind to the modern digital printing, all with a colorful and colorful flowers, make people more visually shocking.


Fashion East2012 autumn and winter fashion show, had to mention the show's print, perhaps the effect of flowers does not change too much, but from the color saturation and pattern design lines will have a floral charm, full of flowers in the ocean.


Christopher Kane 2012 autumn and winter fashion show, with a different kind of splendid flowers, with leather textured fabrics to create a glossy print design, from a different color design into a dress with a lady-like elegant autumn and winter.

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