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Creating a brand is easier said than done. IB International has created a miracle of clothing brands. The "brand basket" model pioneered by the apparel industry was praised by the China Garment Association and was honored as Shenzhen's "IB phenomenon" that successfully responded to international brands. Liu Jinping, chairman of IB International Holding Group, said in an interview with reporters a few days ago, “The brand behind it is culturally confident. To be a clothing brand also needs to cross the 'cultural threshold'!”

Leading Fashion to foster local brands: Doing a brand is almost a dream for all companies. What should companies do?

Liu: Brand building in the consumer products field must be closely linked with its popular culture. Paris clothes can be world famous because of the popular culture there. Only cities that can stand in the forefront of the trend can cultivate the soil of consumer brands. The “Cultural Orientation” strategy proposed by Shenzhen is not only of great importance to the development of the cultural industry, but also important for branding in the personal consumption field such as clothing, eyewear, IT, and mobile phones. Only from the perspective of consumer fashion will be the forefront of Shenzhen's consumer goods field will have a strong brand with the world to compete with the international big brands.

Reporter: We know that many world famous brands are processed in Shenzhen. How can Shenzhen companies allow domestic consumers to identify with our brand?

Liu: To allow domestic consumers to identify with our brand, companies need to work harder and harder in details. We must cultivate a brand to gain a firm foothold from the brand culture. The trust of consumers does not come out of thin air. The institutional arrangement and integrity culture of the enterprise itself are the prerequisites for brand cultivation.

Note: Internationalization is an aspect. Local brands still need to take their own characteristics. How do you see the creation of independent brands?

Liu: Compared with foreign big names, we have an advantage over foreign brands in understanding the market. Creating a brand requires learning international experience, but it also requires bold innovation. The reason why we are recognized by the Ministry of Commerce is that we have launched the "brand basket" model, the so-called "brand basket", unveiled BUEBELLY, PULL&SHASK, KENT & CARDE and Lerario dress business and urban fashion and other top four brands 5 In just two years, the brand stores opened all over the country.

The innovative brand model has a place to remember: The competition in the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more fierce. For example, in the United States, Hong Kong and other advanced countries or regions, many of them have moved their manufacturing industries to other places. Shenzhen also engages in brand manufacturing in traditional manufacturing industries such as clothing. Is there an advantage?

Liu: There is no problem with no advantage. It is only when there is a brand. Manufacturing itself does not represent "backwardness." Brand creation must allow manufacturing to rely on independent innovation to maintain its leading position. If you only produce low value-added clothing, Shenzhen really has no advantage. The advantages of Shenzhen lie in the design of talents and creative innovation. Combining a good brand with the domestic market, there are many ways to identify new business models.

Note: How do you see the relationship between the brand and the market?

Liu: The brand and the market are not fragmented. A good brand must be a brand that finds the market and is welcomed by the market. IB opened more than 100 stores in more than one year, and opened 500 stores within two years. The most important thing is that we have found no market space for foreign brands. In addition to quality, I believe that the key competitive factors that affect the success or failure of China's apparel industry are channels. Therefore, we will place the core market in China's second- and third-tier cities and find the weakest link in brand building. At the same time as establishing franchise stores, we will increase the direct operating system, strengthen conference training, and implement standardised terminal operation guidance and performance assessment systems. Do a good job of doing fine channels, and be the first in China's second- and third-tier markets. I personally believe that as long as the market positioning is identified and the cultural advantages laid by Shenzhen's creativity and design are brought into play, the traditional advantageous industries represented by Shenzhen Garments are equally promising.

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Method 1: Pay attention to keep it clean

Keep the fur coat clean. If the fur is wet or dirty, be sure to dispose of it in time. Wipe off the water with a dry cloth and let it dry naturally in a dry and ventilated place. If the clothes are stained with dirt and dirt, promptly lick. Go and wipe the dirt in the direction of the hair with a hot towel to avoid contamination of the fur and difficult to clean.

Tip: When the mink coat encounters different levels of dirt, it must be disposed of in time to avoid it being difficult to clean.

Method 2: Not suitable for direct sunlight

Before the suede coat is placed in the closet, it must be dried first, and it can be dried for 2 to 3 hours. After the heat is removed, it can be placed in the closet.

Tips: It is not advisable to directly illuminate in the sun when drying. It is recommended to cover a layer of cloth to avoid exposure to sunlight and cause the skin of the mink coat to harden and age, and lose the elasticity of the cortex.

Method 3: Can not use heavy pressure

Before putting the fur coat into the closet, first remove the surface dust, then put the sanitary ball wrapped in paper in the clothes and put it in the dry closet. You can't put it on the clothes with heavy objects.

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