Mu Yang Tong autumn and winter 2012 new conference ended successfully

"Mu Yang Tong" 2012 autumn and winter new conference on March 4 in the famous tourist destination, Grand Mercure Zhuhai Grand Hotel opened! As the 2011 annual top ten apparel textile and apparel selected "top ten cutting-edge brand", "Mu Yang Tong" apparel new conference this fall and winter attracted high-quality agents from all over the country. Mu Yang Tong autumn and winter 2012 new conference ended successfully Mu Yang Tong executive director of Miss Hu Chunyan said that "Mu Yang Tong" brand children's wear since the transition began in 2008 has gone more than three years, has now completed the domestic The layout of the major markets this year is the year in which MBC Children's Wear brand fully implements MBO's target performance management business strategy and will be the starting point for the brand launch of "MU Young Tong". Mu Yang Tong 2012 autumn and winter new conference ended successfully In the conference site, wearing a "Mu Yang Tong" costumes in the small model of the wonderful interpretation of the T stage, showing every detail of the concept of health, environmental philosophy, fashion culture As well as rich color combinations easily conquered the dealer's eyes, so that they join the "Mu Yang Tong" brand is full of confidence. Most of them have already got "Mu Yang Tong" in the country's regional agency. For high-quality agents, according to local market spending power and sales volume, when they meet the expected targets, Muyang Tong companies will give some supportive policies, so that children's wear distributors to have more confidence in the brand and further increase their ownership sense. All along, Mu Yang child uphold the pragmatic, innovative, pioneers the spirit of the world, leading the fashion trend. In recent years, it has achieved leapfrog development in operation and management and absorbed a large number of elites in the industry, thus providing reliable manpower guarantee for the standardized operation and rapid development of the enterprise.

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