Inheritance and glory • set sail together --- Name Shield 2012 autumn and winter orders will be the perfect curtain call

Name shield 2012 autumn and winter orders will have come to an end, a successful order will be moved by the audience factors not only fashion, fitting the exact intoxicating music, lighting, set for the order will add an indispensable effect, Not so much field autumn and winter new orders, as it is a more close to the interpretation of art. Large-scale T-show perfect show name shield 2012 autumn and winter main style and theme ---- 2012 autumn and winter shield "business style." Name shield 2012 autumn and winter men's series, continuing the brand has always been business and leisure style. Designers arrogance refined elite, combined with his perception of the international fashion, in addition to this season presents a line of orthodox suits, but also designed to shake the future of the classic printed suit. Jumped color to break the winter dull and deep, so that the theme of business and leisure is full of warm winter cozy. Vivid blue, purple fashion, elegant pink, active atmosphere of the audience, a positive attitude to life shuttle in the busy city life. In view of the company's kind invitation, many famous domestic and international SHOPPING MALL senior leaders attended the venue, they gave the company the most favorable support and help. Acting customers at all levels of the ordering site and new products also gave a high rating, the participation of many media reporters also for the order of the shield brand to further promote the contribution made. As the head shield brand --- Shenzhen Zhao Jia Trade Development Co., Ltd. is the brand strong and powerful backing and helm. As early as 1991, Shenzhen Zhaogong Trade Development Co., Ltd. launched M & D, a well-known menswear brand that won the favor of consumers with advanced tailor-made design and advanced fabric technology. Over the years, the company has been winning the reputation of China's garment market with the combination of Eastern and Western culture, design concept, sophisticated craftsmanship and unique brand promotion strategy. The company already has a large modern factories, improve the logistics center and excellent brand promotion team. In 2001, Top Shield (M & D) brand won the honor of ten fashion brands in Shenzhen, China. In 2002, M & D brand set up a joint R & D platform in France, Italy and Hong Kong, China. Since then M & D clothing has opened a historic page. The company will be the perfect combination of Eastern and Western cultures, together with the foreign design team, innovative design concepts, improve production technology, with excellent quality and noble temperament to win the favor of consumers. In 2008, M & D joined forces with Tronca, one of Italy's leading apparel design houses, to renew the glory of M & D in order to give Chinese men a taste of more popular and elegant information. In 2011, M & D brand won the honor of famous brand in Shenzhen, China. Zhaoshiai believe that in the next two years, through unremitting efforts, will shield (M & D) brand will be respected by the elegant style of wind will become the mainstream of China's high-end men's fashion market trend.

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