2019 YOSHOW National College Student Fashion Design Competition Finals Successfully Completed

From July 4th to 6th, 2019, YOSAR Shenzhen Yunshangxing Technology Co., Ltd. and YOSUN Yunshang Industry Development Group held a fashion exhibition with the theme of “Exploring the Future” in Hall 3 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the same time, the 2019 YOSHOW National College Student Fashion Design Competition, hosted by YOSAR Yun Shangxing and directed by the China Textile Industry Federation's circulation branch, was also opened in the 3rd Hall of the Convention and Exhibition Center on the morning of the 4th.

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第1张

2019 YOSHOW National College Student Fashion Design Competition Finals

Revive traditional aesthetics, focusing on Chinese originality

With the theme of “Reviving Traditional Aesthetics”, this year's competition focuses on the originality of Chinese design and promotes the integration of traditional culture and modern fashion. The designers have reinterpreted the traditional Chinese aesthetics from the perspective of the new generation with their unique originality. The new fashion trend highlights the profound understanding of contemporary fashion trends.

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第2张

2019 YOSHOW National College Student Fashion Design Competition Finals

In order to improve the professionalism and popularity of the competition and implement the fair and equitable scoring principle, the organizing committee of the competition invited the president of the China Textile Industry Federation circulation branch, Qian Jin, the president of the Textile and Apparel Weekly magazine, to serve as the final judge and invited Wuhan. Ms. Guo Jianmin, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC City Committee, attended the ceremony as a guest of honor. At the same time, Professor Li Haibing, Director of the Department of Fashion Art Design of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Associate Professor Lu, Director of Apparel and Fashion Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Associate Professor Nan Meiling, School of Fashion, Wuhan Textile University, and Wang Zhaohui, Associate Dean of School of Fashion and Art Design, Donghua University Prof. Zhang Lichuan, professor of the Department of Clothing, Department of Art, Shenzhen University, and other industry experts also attended the competition as judges of this competition.

It is reported that since the launch of the contest for the contest, it has been widely participated and paid attention by many colleges and clothing industry associations in the country. After two and a half months of screening, it comes from Donghua University, Shenzhen University, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts and Wuhan Textile University. A total of more than 20 contestants from well-known fashion design colleges successfully entered the finals. The contestants combine Chinese traditional aesthetics with modern fashion trends, and present the final ready-to-wear work on the stage. Each piece is the embodiment of the vocal and free creative power of the new generation of designers. In the end, after the rigorous selection of the judges, a total of eight players won the gold, silver, bronze and best creative awards, the best ready to wear awards.

Direct hits on the field, highlights

As the host announced the "big show begins", the long-awaited contest catwalk officially debut. The works of the contestants from all major competitions will be staged and displayed by the models. The deconstruction, collage and other design techniques in each group and the sculptural three-dimensional cutting effect highlight the unique originality of the designers. Style and creative inspiration. The background music with the theme of each group of works, set off the vivid color tone and rich design details, with the rhythmic steps of the show model, presented a visual feast of personality and creativity.

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第3张

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第4张

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第5张

The contestants' works show

The first show after the opening showcased 10 original works by Donghua Division players, followed by 40 sets of ready-to-wear works from the Wufang Division, Guangmei Division, Humei Division and Shenda Division. . With the rapid warming of the scene, the guests' judges gave a wonderful comment on the works of the contestants in each group.

After fierce competition and impartial review by professional jury, Wu Minling of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts won the gold medal, Li Wenxin of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts and Li Kangni of Donghua University won the silver award, Guan Xueling of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Yu Yuming of Shenzhen University, and Dong Yufei of Wuhan Textile University. Bronze Award, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts Zhang Wei won the Best Creative Award, and Dong Jia University Wu Jiali won the Best Garment Award. Mr. Liu Bin, Global Partner of Fosun, Director of Yuyuan Co., Ltd., Chairman of Yunshang Industry Development Group, Ms. Wang Lifen, Executive General Manager of YOSAR Yunshangxing Technology Development Department, and Mr. Qian Jin, President of China Textile Industry Federation's Circulation Branch, presented the award. And take a group photo with all the players.

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第6张

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第7张

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第8张

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第9张

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第10张

Winners and leaders

After the contest, the “Incipation Ceremony” was opened, and all the winners were pressed into the hatching background to press the fingerprints and officially became a member of the Yunshangxing YFD incubator. In the future, they will be the focus of the YFD incubator, and will be assisted and supported by the entire chain of creative space, fabric selection, supply chain resources, sales channels and marketing, and accelerate the commercialization of their original works.

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第11张

YOSAR Yunshangxing YFD Incubator Incubation Ceremony YFD incubator is a fashion industry creative design incubator center. It was founded in 2019 by Shenzhen Yunshangxing Technology Co., Ltd., and is headquartered in Wuhan International Fashion Enterprise Headquarters Cluster, with an incubation area of ​​nearly 4,000. The agency adheres to the vision of “making originality more valuable” and provides full-scale assistance to original fashion designers in creative space, service industry chain, and commercial operations. Helps original products to be quickly converted into merchandise, maximizing the power of original design. Mr. Long Liang, founder and general manager of YOSAR Yunshangxing, once said: As the first incubation platform in the Central China region to target the fashion original industry, YFD incubator has always been focused on designing hatchery for fashion designers. The creative space of original design, and is committed to bringing Chinese original fashion brands into a new era. Ms. Tian Zuoyun, the partner of Yuyuan Co., Ltd. and the CEO and president of Yunshang Industry Development Group, also said at the scene: This time, the award-winning contestants have made a new interpretation of traditional aesthetics without any frame, with unique perspectives and original designs. The original design concept conveyed in the market and the keen fashion insight into the market trend show the potential growth potential of the new generation of original fashion designers. They will all be the original growth of the YFD incubator. The tomorrow of clothing.

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第12张

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第13张

Ms. Tian Zuoyun, Partner of Yuyuan Co., Ltd. and CEO and CEO of Yunshang Industry Development Group, delivered a speech

In the end, the 2019 YOSHOW National College Student Fashion Design Competition finals came to a successful conclusion. The competition brought together the top young original design powers in the national colleges and universities, and created a national youth clothing designer promotion and exchange platform. From the perspective of the new generation, the traditional Chinese culture was reinterpreted with fashionable creative thinking and originality. As the organizer of the event, YOSAR Yun Shangxing not only set up a commercial development path for original clothing brands and outstanding young designers, but also cultivated new design people with Chinese cultural heritage for the Chinese original fashion field, and also set up for the service industry. The opening of the “production” and “sales” industrial chains contributed an important role. It is believed that in the near future, the synergy of China's service trade chain will continue to strengthen, and China's original design forces will rise rapidly and shine.

2019 YOSHOW全国大学生服装设计大赛总决赛圆满落下帷幕 滚动 第14张

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