Bear B Qi build healthy children's wear for you

Bear B Qi build healthy children's wear for you. The world is progressing with rapid changes in society, clothing is no longer a simple, modest, warm effect. Now: after 80, even after 90, mom's consumption concept and shopping habits have a lot of differences with the older generation, they are more inclined to "healthy, comfortable and fashionable" consumption. Bear B Qi children's clothing brand (http://) strive to create "healthy, comfortable, stylish," high-quality children's clothing. Bear B Qi - brand history 1999: Bear B Qi was born 2001: Bear B Qi "Tang Dynasty series" swept the domestic market 2003: Bear B Qi "black and white series" was born 2004: Winnie B Born: Chinese well-known brand " Honor 2005: Winnie B Biao "Great series" red domestic market 2006: Winnie B Billy won the "Schnauzer Cup" Foshan Children's Model Contest Memorial Award 2006: Winnie B Bick won the "Top Ten Chinese children's clothing brand" 2007 Year: Winnie B Billy won the Foshan Trade and Industry Bureau, "the contract and keep credibility," the unit 2009: Winnie B Qi won the Foshan City Association for Quality Management awarded the "quality assured integrity of the unit" Bear B Qi for your children to create a healthy brand Bear B Qi - brand Brief introduction "Bear B Qi" successfully launched in 2004 China Red Year Series products; 2005 Korean wave popular period, launched the "Great Changjin" series, swept the domestic market in 2006 with a strong cowboy series occupy the market now "Bear B Qi "to fashion ladies, fashion leisure, fashion sports, classic four major campus series, with a sound product structure, a clear color to spread and promote children's clothing." Bear B Qi "children's clothing brand, products The main products include T-shirts, jackets, trousers, dresses, sweaters, cotton suits, down jackets, jeans, sportswear, casual shoes, casual bags, underwear, socks, accessories, etc. Consumer groups targeted at 2-15 years old imaginative and expressive, the pursuit of fashion, healthy living children. "Bear B Billy" children's clothing with the rapid development of accurate market positioning, Bear B Bich you build healthy brand children's clothing. Qi build healthy children's wear for you

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