2012 spring and summer lace has been unstoppable

Lead: Lace has always been a symbol of purity and romance in past impressions. Exquisite and complex aesthetic style once occupied the forefront of fashion trends. Lace has become the most commonly used element of romantic women's wear, and is a sweet, sweet representative. In the spring and summer of 2012, the trend of lace has reversed and subverted traditional impressions.

2012春夏蕾丝风头已经无人能挡 (图1)

Lace first appeared in the United States and was once sought after by nobles. The pattern of lace in the spring and summer of 2012 is no longer a simple decorative ornament. Emilio Pucci made lace soft and elegant. The quietness of the white lace is in the design of the trousers and it becomes neat. Coupled with a simple line of suit jackets and hats, the Italian gentleman's retro elegance, there are also some tough.

2012春夏蕾丝风头已经无人能挡 (图2)

The gentleman's walking was monotonous, and the smashing gypsy girl appeared. Laced out with enamel and Spanish-inspired motifs, it is innovating in a lace pattern that is usually only continuously arranged. Charming enthusiasm at the moment became the intention of Lace's appeal. The navel short lace lace top is the form.

2012春夏蕾丝风头已经无人能挡 (图3)

Lace from the auxiliary embellishment to the main fabric was used in Roberto Cavalli's latest design, and the chiffon dress was laced with lace stitching for a visually stunning experience.

2012春夏蕾丝风头已经无人能挡 (图4)

Embellished with sequins and sparkle beads, it also gives the overall feeling of luxurious luxury. No matter whether it is black or gold, it gives lace a unique texture with infinite possibilities.

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