Enterprises develop e-commerce, don't be busy burning money, and are eliminated by the times

[China Glass Network] Since 2010, China's e-commerce can be described as a triumphant move. In order to develop e-commerce, many small and medium-sized enterprises have been attracted to participate in e-commerce training. After Dangdang and Macquarie have been listed, they have let the outside world Optimistic about the development trend of this industry, thus promoting a lot of capital flows to e-commerce, under the chasing of capital frenzy, so that e-commerce has become a bad habit of burning money.

When it comes to burning money, many people may think of group buying nets. Group buying was crazy in 2010. At the beginning, there were only more than 100, and later it developed to more than 1,000. At that time, one of the more familiar words was the Hundred Regiments. After that, it became a battle of a thousand regiments. So many group purchase networks flocked, but they came faster. In the Thousand Regiments, many group buying nets played a burning mode in order to survive. They advertised on the Internet and later evolved into TV commercials. Some group buying networks also invited celebrities to endorse. The precedent of e-commerce companies using celebrity endorsements, but behind this crazy burning money, brought a lot of websites quickly eliminated. After all, e-commerce burns money is short-lived. Whoever has enough financial strength and strength is the winner. If there is not so much capital and can not seize the market, then the industry will wave goodbye to the industry.

The phenomenon of burning money is not only seen in group buying websites, many e-commerce companies are using this method, because as long as the financing is successful, they will be busy advertising, although the money to advertise can make the website quickly recognized by consumers, but Enterprises should still be cautious, saying that 2012 will be a year of rapid development of e-commerce, but many people in the industry also predict that this year is also a year of testing for e-commerce companies. If the company does not have enough strength, it will blindly spread. That is likely to face being eliminated.

Based on this, I believe that when developing e-commerce, enterprises should not be busy with burning money. Instead, they should participate in e-commerce training to grasp the current development trend of e-commerce, and explore the current development pattern of the market, and then formulate suitable Your own development path, so that you can keep up with the times to ensure the stable development of the company.

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