Hai Jade Feijin adjustable underwear election make a lot of money on the project

I choose the standard of the project:

First, choose the development trend of the project. Second, the consumer groups and more broad, less competitive projects. Third, the development of space is not limited to the city, the province, there are extended to the country, and even global projects. I do not know you recognized?


海翠翡琳调整型内衣 选对项目赚大钱

Hai Lin Fei Tsui based on actual changes in consumer groups (obesity are major issues of social life) and research and development and product promotion services, the full application of the golden rule of human aesthetics, anti-gravity science, rheology fat, modern nutrition and blood microcirculation Circulation; combined with Chinese medicine meridian health theory and cold theory. So as to achieve the "beautiful chest, thin waist, flat belly, spine, hip, plastic legs," the beautiful effect and health effects.

海翠翡琳调整型内衣 选对项目赚大钱

海翠翡琳调整型内衣 选对项目赚大钱

As always, the philosophy of "Healthy and Beautiful to wear out" was promoted by Hai Tuiarinen to promote the underwear culture of Chinese medicine meridian health and health sciences. The 380 million wrongly underworked female siblings were pretending to wear the proper underwear Bust cup during the development of the replacement of the same size as to replace the shoes attention!); Promised by 40% of the products + 40% service + 20% of customers with 100% of the results

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Aluminum tag is very light,but the producing cost is more expensive than the Plastic Tag. About twice or three times price of Plastic Tags. The middle part of aluminum divide into two option: paper and plastic.Paper is of printing logo, the plastic have the hot stampling high relief logo. You can decide which one is better for your apparels.We can provide many aluminum tag photos to you,these tags are produced by other clients.

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Apparel Tag

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