Mai Jia cowboy - civilian cowboy community's "grassroots hero"

This denim wear-resistant, dirt-resistant and extremely civilized apparel is going deep into the lives of almost global people, such as the rich and famous, as well as everyday people, and become an indispensable part of it. Looking at the current domestic jeans market, the brand distribution is more obvious, mainly divided into first-line international brands, second-tier domestic brands and third-line no-name brands, including the second-tier domestic brands occupy the most extensive market. However, some high-end denim brands have the feeling of being overwhelmed and have limited consumer groups, so their market sales can only occupy the top of the cowboy pyramid , Tie the high-end brand a large share of the market segmentation. Third-line brand-name shoddy non-brand Corps mainly in the streets private shops, wholesale markets, the shopping environment chaotic, not only no standard price customization, and its poor quality for the fashion crowd attractive discount, let alone after-sales service. Third-line brand marketing strategy is basically a one-time consumption, it is difficult to occupy a large market share. Second-tier domestic brands in the balance to find a new way In the first-line international brands and third-line no-name between the vast majority of market share, second-tier domestic brands turned out. Second-tier brands to seize the mass market, to avoid the high-priced strategy of first-tier international brands, to avoid the risk of inferior quality Corps of inferior quality, service, enjoy the spirit extends to first-tier brands, but also in a reasonable price positioning to meet the public consumption Demand, its market positioning will make the second-tier domestic brands occupy the bottom of the pyramid in the majority share. Since its inception, its market research team, with its rich experience in-depth study of the law of the jeans market cycle, with a well-formed to determine the "popular" Mai Jia cowboy market positioning, and strive to In quality, spiritual enjoyment and the cost of money to balance, with a strong brand quality, reasonable pricing strategy for the brand formed a large number of loyal consumer groups. However, in many second-tier brands, Mai Jia cowboy how to come to the fore? How to create a civilian cowboy community "grassroots heroes"? In this regard, Mai Jia cowboy took a two-step strategy. The first step, the product wins Mai Jia cowboy mainly for 15 to 35-year-old fashion tastes Oriental young people, has been grasping the "fashion", "quality" and "comfortable" these three keywords in product design combined with European and American style And aesthetic characteristics, diversified as the main design features, the perfect interpretation of the "innovation, fashion, fashion," the three main themes at the same time, highlighting the product's personalization, fashion, brave, free and unrestrained brand personality and surreal Unique style increases the recognition of the strong Maca brand. The second step, the model win In the brand strategy, Mai Jia cowboy brand share operating system, the dealer Mai Mai denim mature trademark, visual identity system (VI), business behavior identification system (CI) and other rights to use thousands of stores As one, greatly enhance the brand appeal and appeal. In terms of promotional strategy, Mai Jang jeans as a big brand, has a good brand, coupled with the headquarters of advertising huge investment costs, without publicity, you can have a large number of consumer groups. Television, newspapers, the Internet, magazines and other advertising methods, so that different groups can be the first time to understand the latest developments Mackey. In terms of operational strategies, the chain management model provides tailor-made operating plans for dealers and training, tracking and post-analysis of implementation details such as opening, management, sales and post-sales services. At the same time, based on changes in market characteristics and consumer characteristics, the headquarters of Macaqi also provided steady stream of operational support from time to time, greatly enhancing the operator's ability to control the market. Guangzhou Mai Jia Clothing Co., Ltd to develop the brand jeans leisure series, jeans design and development, production, information, logistics and sales as one, with brand strategy marketing as the leading, and strive to China's jeans brand, comprehensively expand China's jeans to join the market . Guangzhou Mai Jia Garments Co., Ltd. Marketing Center Address: Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Dongpu Road 90, a Tung Tak Business Center Block 402 Contact: Manager Li Contact:; Official Website: Jeans Related terms: Mai Jia clothing, Mai Jia cowboy, Mega Mejia, Mai Jia cowboy to join, Huizhou Mai Jia cowboy, Mai Jia clothing, jeans joined, the brand jeans, Guangzhou Mai Jia denim, jeans wholesale, jeans agents, fashion Jeans, jean agent, clothing agent, clothing, jeans, jeans

To talk about the Acrylic/Knitted Gloves, we must know the following:

Acrylic acid is severely irritating and corrosive to the skin and the respiratory tract. Eye contact can result in severe and irreversible injury. Low exposure will cause minimal or no health effects

Most winter warming gloves are knitted and make by Acrylic.

Knitted fabric
Plant fiber: cotton, hemp.
Animal fibers: wool, rabbit hair.
Synthetic fiber: polyester, nylon, acrylic, spandex.
Synthetic plant fiber: rayon (shrub, bamboo fiber).
Protein fiber: silk.
Yarn: All the raw materials can be single spinning, or blended (polyester / cotton), spinning into different yarns, weaving different fabrics.
Now weaving knit fabric.
Knitted sub-surface, double-sided gray fabric (the most basic single-sided fabric said: Hanbu, only one side of braided pigtail. The most basic double-sided cloth: cotton, braided pigtails on both sides) See clearly, the sweater is thick stitch)

Use different raw materials, different weaving methods, weaving different fabrics.
Single cloth points (weaving):
Hanbu, mesh, terry, all kinds of jacquard
Terry 1, the front is braided pigtail, the opposite is the terry (fish scale ring). If the velvet is flannel. Size Terry: 1, refers to the fish scale ring arc length. 2, scale ring for large terry, towel terry for small terry. (Many are conventional, there is no standard)
Terry 2, braided front (polyester), the reverse is a terry (towel terry, with cotton yarn), said the knitted terry cloth. Knitted velvet knit velvet
Terry 3, towel terry cloth, all woven with polyester. After brushed velvet, shake tablets, processed into single or double polar fleece.

Double-sided cloth (weaving):
Cotton, air layer, mesh, jacquard, rib.
Knit to determine the number of needles per inch, (how many needles per inch)
Sweaters are generally 3.5-11 needle / inch,
Hanbu generally 24-32 pins / inch, loop: 18-24 pins / inch.

Double-sided is generally 22-28 pins / inch.

there are so many different kinds of Knitted Gloves. knitted mittens

Tips :
A mitten is a glove without individual finger openings.
Mitte, Mitten is another grammatical form of Mitte

Acrylic/Knitted Gloves

Acrylic Gloves,Knitted Gloves,White Knit Gloves,Knit Gloves

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