Islay brand women's fashion to become a permanent wardrobe embellishment

"Islay" originated from the pioneer of romantic women's culture in European 19th-century Roman aristocrats. With the accomplishments of Hong Kong's senior brand designers, the R & D team jointly formed by them is the messenger of fashion for urban women aged 30-45. Unique artistic personality, luxury and aesthetic, have the courage to innovate has always been "Ai Lai" a taste and the brand spirit embodied.


The romanticism of "Yi Lai" in the noble life, rich cultural connotation based on the distribution of a very personal temperament. What they are pursuing is a symbol of spiritual enjoyment and status, leading the fashion trends and presenting elegant qualities. Embodies the beauty of the royal aristocratic women, noble, personal and stylish strong self-consciousness; vibrant youth, in their own unique way to meet life, so that every woman always enjoy their dreams: as if shaking in the night under the high Feet cup of wine, delicate, temptation, passion. So that the taste of women in this stylish, elegant atmosphere of micro-fine ... Fine lace, delicate hand-painted depicting intellectual inner world.

艾莱品牌女装  让流行变成你衣橱里恒久的点缀

"Yi Lai" apparel fabrics focus on imports, mainly imported fabrics, pay attention to high-quality hand-made and tailored, together with ingenuity of the jewelry category, so that customers choose products more handy. Under the guidance of the concept of modern fashion, combined with the characteristics of formal wear and casual wear, both the generous sense of working hours also have the comfort of leisure, suitable for a variety of occasions, well-crafted "Islay" brand women's series, reflecting the modern urban women Fashion and quality of the demand, and given the brand deeper cultural connotation.
"Yi Lai" Let romantic atmosphere filled with art, elegance, fashion ... ... Let the pop into your closet permanent embellishment ......
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