About the investigation of cotton spinning capacity production and other conditions

The provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and separately listed cities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Development and Reform Commission:

With the rapid development of the cotton spinning industry in recent years, great changes have taken place in the production capacity and regional layout of enterprises, and in order to further improve the management of cotton imports and do a good job in related basic work, local organizations are required to conduct a comprehensive survey on the situation of cotton spinning enterprises. Understood. The relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

First, the company reported itself. The scope of the investigation is based on the total number of cotton spinning enterprises (including those that have not applied for quotas) of 50,000 or more spindles in all provinces and cities. Please inform the company after deployment of the current production capacity, the yarn production in recent three years and the use of import quotas for processing trade (if any), and fill out the "Survey of cotton spinning enterprises" (attached).

Second, city and county verification. Arrange the city (county) Development and Reform Commission and the local industrial and telecommunications, textiles (Association), Statistics Bureau and other departments and units to verify the self-reporting status of the enterprise, and endorse the auditing opinions on the Survey Form of Cotton Spinning Enterprises and stamp them. Development and Reform Commission. Verification requirements: (1) Capacity. The municipal (county) development and reform commission shall, in conjunction with relevant departments and units, carry out on-site verification of the company, and shall take the production capacity of several spindles at the site (the statistics of the parent company's and subsidiary's production capacity shall not be aggregated in a general way). (2) Yarn production. The company’s yarn production counted by the local statistical office shall prevail. (3) Use of import quotas for processing trade. The total amount of use registered on the quota card actually used and written off by the company.

Third, the provincial spot checks. In order to ensure the truthfulness and accuracy of the survey data, the provincial development and reform commission shall, after submitting the enterprise situation survey form to the city or county, carry out a random inspection of the company's situation together with the relevant departments and units, and the proportion of spot checks shall not be less than 20% of the number of entrepreneurs in each city. The spot check requirements are the same as those for verification IV. After the random inspection, please ask the provincial development and reform commissions to summarize the company's situation, fill in the “Summary Form for Cotton Spinning Enterprises” (attached), together with the “Survey Form for Cotton Spinning Enterprises” signed and stamped, and officially form the Committee before September 15. The form was reported to the National Development and Reform Commission (Department of Economics and Trade).

Fifth, the relevant requirements. Please all localities attach great importance to this investigation work and designate someone to take responsibility. We must do a good job in organizing and coordinating work, mobilize the enthusiasm of relevant units, participate in the work together, and exercise strict control to ensure that the situation is real and reliable.

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