CARMEN Kaman effort to create a stylish international women's brand

Widely recognized by the consumer brand is a good brand, consumers concerned about and favorite styles to create the greatest value for the enterprise. CARMEN "to show the passion of fashion, elegant interpretation of sexy" as the core values, it is Karman try her best to create a dream of women from the pursuit of international brands.

卡蔓 - Carmen

Since its inception, CARMEN women's brand has been committed to being an international brand with culture, connotation and leading fashion. At the same time, with a leading operation concept and a pragmatic, efficient and people-oriented spirit of enterprise, development of.
In the future, Caman companies start from two aspects: First, the company's operation terminals will be spread all over the country and overseas areas, so that more women will be at the forefront of fashion; second, with the headquarters relocation, Caman employees will have A better office environment, better staff development will bring Karman's growth and expansion. From the market development, research and other aspects we have developed a new plan, CARMEN women will become the beauty of women in the pursuit of the international fashion brand.

CARMEN卡曼  倾力打造时尚国际化女装品牌

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