Encounter beautiful "Gordon" thousand autumn hot investment

Hangzhou Xiangnuo joining do not want to join the initial fee and deposit, Xiangnuo brand women to 1.5-2.0 low discount prices available, and new products and the degree of conversion of the market no more than 30 days.


With high-quality products and ultra-low prices as the core competitiveness, thus giving customers a broad market space and stable and rapid earnings. Xiangnuo women's products cover spring, summer, autumn and winter women's four seasons, fashion, ladies, casual, mature and other types of products are.


Join policy

1,0 initial fee, 0 margin, the season 100% exchange goods.

2, shop gift albums, sales tickets provide free design drawings.

3, the new listed companies unified Peihuo, free home guide opened.

4, after opening you will get: to provide new store opening activities planning, manager, shopping guide professional skills training, professional color matching, display of goods, counseling all areas of home counseling (consultant guidance related costs paid by investors).

5. Risk Control: For the underperforming franchisees, headquarters dispatched operation and management experts to carry out on-site diagnoses from the locations of franchise stores, store layout, business positioning, marketing strategies, product mix, management style and market environment In-depth investigation and analysis.

6, the image design: free single-store agents to provide a unified image design, and sustainable maintenance store image.

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