Ipibi Er women's fashion ladies to be gentle gentle woman

Shu women , pursuing stylish, elegant, simple, elegant modern urban style, gives a warm feeling. "Since ancient times, the word lady is deeply rooted in the hearts of people, whether it is now" sassy girlfriend "or OL women in the workplace.In this era of rebellious and personal, and occasionally put on a fresh ladies, make your pace Become soft, gentle gentle woman.


Ipibiru women's fashion ladies, walking in the details of the needle, walking in the fashion of the ki-hat . Ipibi Er designers use the "European French court luxury and romantic style, combined with oriental women's elegant and refined lifestyle," a comprehensive Japanese and Korean style popular elements, the use of gorgeous and comfortable lace, silk, silk and other fabrics, exquisite handmade details , Beaded embroidery and other technology. The use of soft and smooth lines, interpretation of the romantic female slender shape. Create luxurious, romantic style of dress.

伊珀比迩女装时尚女装  做个温文尔雅的柔美女子

Ipibilian women's fashion women's show, showing a soft and pure lifestyle and cultural life style. The use of exquisite hand-decorated and European-style luxury romantic life as the keynote, combined with the unique oriental women and noble temperament. With superb fashion technology will be low-key luxury design runs through them, the interpretation of romantic feminine feelings!

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