Radiopol will be stationed at the 9th Shanghai Biennale Palermo (Palermo) City Hall

City is a happy carrier for people; art is the power of fashion rebirth. Autumn in September, Sino-Italian Art Exchange and Reddy Ball sponsored the Ninth Shanghai Biennale Palermo (Palermo) City Hall press conference held in Chengdu. Ms Laura Barreca, Italian representative, and Mr Liu Changming, chairman of RadiPor Enterprise, attended the signing ceremony. The 9th Shanghai Biennale will be held at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. As the most influential international art exhibition in China, 20 cities will be participating in the exhibition. Chengdu's sister city, Palermo, the capital of Sicily, ) Will represent the contemporary art culture of Italy and the Radiopol Enterprise devoted to fashion will sponsor Palermo City Hall and build an artistic bridge between China and Italy to showcase the charm brought by art to the city. Radiopol and Palermo, Italy sign a contract Compared to the state, cities are the carrier of the link between people, people in the city there is a collision of ideas, behavior interaction, dialogue and exchange and integration of the symbiotic direct space, Radiall Business as a business representative of Chengdu, its fashion ideas and products and many cities in Italy are inextricably linked, Reddyll brand clothing each season's theme and style of design are based on the representative Italian city culture as the background, from the past to Today's urban life captures inspiration. Spring and summer 2013, like the RaidyBoer (Reddy Boer) brand, is based on the four cities of Porto Cólovo, Sardinia, Siena and Tuscany, Italy, with a sense of artistic and urban character . Italy Palermo (Palermo) became the "sister city" of Chengdu in 1999. The City Pavilion at Shanghai Biennale will focus on displaying its outstanding contemporary art and culture. Speech by Mr. Liu Changming, Chairman of Radiopaud, Italy Ms. Laura Barreca, Head of Palermo Culture Association, Italy In today's trend, the fashion and art are exaggerating. The relationship between the two is getting deeper and deeper. During the visit to Red Flag's flagship store, LauraBarreca greatly praised the product design of Radipur: "RaidyBoer's clothing accurately capture the essence of the culture of the Italian city, people memorable, I live in Italy, I see these designs You can instantly think of the city's living conditions, it is a wonderful interpretation. "Mr. Liu Changming, chairman of Reddy Polo Enterprises, also expressed great expectations for this cooperation:" Italy can be said to be Radiall's design Soul, every city of its kind has its charm. Palermo's art and culture make people marvel. Through the fusion of Palermo art and Radiopol fashion, we hope to build a bridge between culture and art in China and Italy. Design brings to everyone. "Representatives of both parties toast to celebrate the cooperation It is reported that Reddy Boer enterprises in Italy Palermo (Palermo) Pavilion In Palermo on behalf of artists to showcase the art and culture of the Italian city, will also take the Shanghai Biennale fashion block, the design elements of Radiall costumes into the art exhibition, in order to achieve the perfect combination of Chinese design and Italian contemporary culture .

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