How to build an efficient marketing team

[China Glass Network] Marketing is an important driving force for enterprise development. Every enterprise hopes to have an eagle-like individual and wolf-like efficient marketing team. SMEs pay more attention to the construction of the marketing team, and they put more energy into the marketing team, but the effect is somewhat unsatisfactory. Some entrepreneurs have noticed that the creation of an efficient marketing team is inseparable from authorization, communication management, performance appraisal incentives and three-dimensional management.

Managers reasonable <br> <br> authorize the marketing team to grow slowly, with no reasonable marketing manager authorized a great relationship. Matsushita Yukisuke, founder of Panasonic TV in Japan, once said: "Authorization can enable larger companies in the future to maintain the vibrancy of small businesses, while also cultivating a large number of outstanding management talents necessary for the development of the company.

Business managers are not good at empowerment. The main reason is that they do not trust their subordinates to get the job tasks well. Therefore, no matter how big or small they are, they ignore the responsibility of cultivating their subordinates. With the development of the company, the boss can not be all-inclusive and become a corporate firefighter. There are too many negative effects of personal involvement, which not only can not effectively stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of subordinates, leading to the habit of subordinates to develop haul, the ability is not improved, and the execution is declining. More importantly, everything is decided by the boss. The subordinates lose their sense of responsibility for the work and cannot share the work with the boss. It is difficult to be alone at an important moment.

Reasonable authorization is actually a kind of responsibility, because rights also represent responsibility, and reasonable empowerment is to train subordinates to take responsibility. Reasonable authorization, let the team self-management, can reflect the professional division of labor, but also can cooperate with each other, both the motivation of the work content and the spiritual incentive of the manager to trust the team. With confidence and collaboration, you can harness the power of the team. The reason why the big geese Nanfei ranks in adult characters is because they can borrow each other and make effort without effort. This is actually a perfect portrayal of internal collaboration and cooperation. The geese are like this, as well as a marketing team.

Of course, in addition to the authorization of the business manager for the team, proper authorization within the team is also important. A high-performance marketing team must have complementary capabilities and personalities. Team managers need to let team members understand that if a person wants to play a bigger role and create greater value, he or she must be integrated into the team, assume the corresponding job responsibilities and be fully responsible. When the marketing team manager is authorized, he also needs to give full trust, give full play to the professional ability and value of the members, and cooperate with each other. The marketing team can exert the "nuclear fusion" effect to show greater combat effectiveness and deterrence.

Managers must remember that “the tiger will have no strong soldiers”, and the more important work of the manager is not to be a matter of fact, but to formulate, organize personnel, exert leadership, control the process, and properly authorize, in order to liberate themselves and cultivate their subordinates’ ability. Inspire their work enthusiasm.

Performance appraisal incentive

“Employees only do what you are evaluating or checking, not what you want.” Therefore, in order to make the team revitalized and energetic, it is necessary to guide the team's marketing goals and directions through performance appraisal incentives.

The key to building a high-performance marketing team is the commitment of team members to a common goal. The recognition of common goals by members is an important aspect of team effectiveness. With the achievement of common goals, people will be united and the team members will reach a consensus. Secondly, it is necessary to establish specific goals. Only when the marketing objectives are decomposed into work indicators, that is, work plans, marketing objectives can be achieved and realized. The overall goal of the team and the specific goal of the members are to establish the basis for performance appraisal. Only when clear goals and assessment indicators are determined can material and spiritual incentives be provided according to the completion status. High incentives are the eternal motivation of marketers, as are marketing teams. A well-designed performance appraisal incentive mechanism can combine the interests of enterprises, teams and individuals.

In addition, the achievement of team goals must be achieved through the development of a reasonable performance appraisal and reward and punishment system. Therefore, open, fair and impartial performance appraisal is essential.

Team member interaction

The creation of an efficient marketing team, internal communication is essential. Good communication management not only promotes mutual understanding of team members, but also creates a working atmosphere of mutual trust. It can also promote members to learn from each other, share information and experience, and enhance the ability of team members.

Successful communication must have the following characteristics: open heart, gratitude and respect. In a country with serious officialism, if you want to cultivate an open communication atmosphere, managers must encourage their subordinates to put forward opinions on the company, the team, and the work. Do not attack different voices, and respect the opinions of subordinates, even subordinates. The opinions are not mature enough.

As a business executive, you should maintain a high frequency of communication with marketers. Marketers are on the front line, and they are rejected and drifted. They need care, love and comfort from the top of the company. It is necessary to establish a variety of formal and informal communication channels to facilitate timely communication. In addition, senior management should pay attention to the encouragement of team morale, the guidance of team work skills, not just to talk about false words, we must let team members feel sincere care.

Standardized stereo management method

Efficient marketing team is managed. The so-called management is not only an encouragement to the correct professional behavior of team members, but also a constraint on the company's disapproval. To build a marketing team that can fight for good fights, hard work, and hard work, as a manager, you must manage the team members in a three-dimensional manner.

Stereoscopic management pursues all-round management of employees' work and life. Due to the particularity of marketing work, especially for employees who are often on business trips, three-dimensional standardized management is very important. As a manager, it is necessary to establish and improve a standardized management system, stipulate the responsibilities of the marketing team and coordinate with the work content of the department, establish an efficient work process, and realize the all-round management of an efficient marketing team.

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