Li Bingbing hand in hand with Bell underwear for women to create a unique noble

LaEIBELLE this beautiful word, from the romantic French, a symbol of freedom, beauty, informal soul, like a woman endless pursuit of fashion. Waving the brush outlines the self-body, dressed in gorgeous outerwear, squandered inherent innocence and romance, and to charming, elegant, sexy, sweet, style of thousands of changeable style, enrich the inner form.

思婕环球 - LaEIBELLE

RiBel to the most comfortable fashion underwear as the core of the spirit, into popular elements, emphasizing the theme of life, just like a fairy tale real showing a woman noble, elegant, gorgeous gorgeous, unique noble, so that every woman put on Bell, you can More comfortable, more confident, more comfortable.


In order to enjoy the essence of life, RiBelle LaEIBELLE, a multi-functional concept of female life, not only breaks the traditional mode of underwear consumption which is oppressive and uncomfortable, but also constructs the lingerie as the core, extends to the home clothes, pajamas , New Year lucky series, fashion accessories, etc. Fashion products, make the brand more powerful together.

A sophisticated piece of coat is simply indispensable. Our pure cashmere coats for men & women are soft & luxury, equally ready to take on the town or brave the elements. This is one article of clothing that adds style to any ensemble, enhancing your look with a pulled-together top layer. St. Edenweiss is deeply committed to creating men`s & women`s pure cashmere coats of the highest quality, which is why the design and testing process that produces our coats is one of the most rigorous in the world. Our cashmere materials are really good quality in the world, in performance blends and formulations that can keep up with any level of activity or weather. Whichever type of coat you`re looking for, you`ll enjoy the same assurance that we have designed it to function exactly as you need, whether that means keeping you dry in good form, or adding a chic layer to your outfit whilst keeping you comfortable.

Top important to us is the quality of everything we produced. All our garments come from our own factory, so we can monitor every aspect of production from start to finish. We are passionate about our business and what we produce, we hope this is reflected in the quality of each finished garment.

Pure Cashmere Coat

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