Viveca fur noble quality allows you to make full use of luxury

Viveca fur is a fur brand of Haining City, admired apparel Trade Co., Ltd., has been to the fashion style of the elegant design of the wind vane, the brand advocates women's self-improvement, self-appreciation, and created a costume determined a temperament New Era.

薇薇卡皮草 高贵品质让你尽拥奢华

Nowadays the most popular five-point sleeves plus simple round neck design, while enhancing the tide of the temperament of women, let you more ladies fan range, where are the popular Queen.

薇薇卡皮草 高贵品质让你尽拥奢华

Sophisticated Puff Sleeve design allows you to become sexy sultry and charming, thick double hem cute, generous, get rid of the elegant mink.

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Wetsuit For Scuba Diving

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