These physical conditions in the morning indicate the disease

Core Tip: Clinical studies have confirmed that many diseases will have unique symptoms in the early morning. Men need to know and understand the symptoms and signs in advance to be able to detect potential diseases and symptomatic treatment in a timely manner.

1, morning stiffness: morning stiffness refers to wake up in the morning, feeling the whole body joints, muscle stiffness, limited activity. After the activity, the joints and muscles gradually spread out. In general, if the elderly have obvious morning stiffness and the joint movement is not flexible, it may indicate diseases such as rheumatoid, rheumatism and bone hyperplasia; some patients with allergic diseases such as polymorphic erythema and skin Myositis, scleroderma, etc., also have obvious morning stiffness.

2, edema: generally healthy people may wake up in the morning may also appear mild edema, but the phenomenon of edema after getting up should completely disappear within 20 minutes. If after waking, there are still obvious edema on the head and face, especially the eyelid edema, suggesting that the patient has kidney disease or heart disease. If you have this symptom, you should go to the hospital to check the kidney and heart.

3, dizziness: Under normal circumstances, you should feel clear-headed when you get up in the morning. If the mind is groggy after the morning, or there is dizziness, the patient may have cervical bone hyperplasia, oppression of the cervical vertebral artery, affecting the blood supply to the brain. In addition, when the blood viscosity increases, the blood flow slows down, and the blood oxygen content decreases, so that the blood supply to the brain is adversely affected, and the high peak of blood viscosity generally appears in the morning. Therefore, morning dizziness, dizziness may have cervical spondylosis or hyperviscosity.

4, wake up early: Some people wake up from sleep in the morning at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning, wake up tired and weak, difficult to fall asleep again, and wake up after a relaxed mood, but depressed.

This performance is clinically known as early wakefulness and insomnia. Clinical observation, early waking insomnia is mainly seen in patients with various types of depression and mental and psychological disorders, especially in patients with depression. Some of the earliest symptoms of mental disorders in the elderly are early insomnia, accompanied by irritability, severe mild mental disorders, and senile dementia. Therefore, the elderly can wake up early and not sleep, and should not be regarded as normal.

5, hunger: Some people feel hunger after waking up at 4 or 5 in the morning, flustered discomfort, accompanied by fatigue and weakness, if you eat some food, the symptoms can be alleviated. But still have the idea of ​​dry mouth and want to drink water, these symptoms gradually disappear after eating breakfast. This may be the manifestation of diabetes. If you already know that you are a diabetic, the above symptoms appear in the early morning, indicating that the medication and dosage are not appropriate.

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