New Year's jade jade jewelry hot

New Year's jade jade jewelry hot The year of the snake is coming. Recently, many netizens on the Internet have expressed that other years can accomplish this metaphor, and the words are abundant. But in the year of the snake, there was only one golden snake dance, and some of the zodiac signs fell out of the air. However, at the time of the arrival of the snake, jade and jade and other jewelry are no less inferior to the Year of the Dragon, and even more intense.

A few days ago, in the jewellery and jade market in Jining City, it was discovered that many citizens have begun to visit jade counters to purchase jade, jade and gold products. Citizens said that jewellery and jade will become one of the most important members of the holiday gifts. Not only does it look more high-end, but jade gold products can also maintain their appreciation. Among them, Hetian Yu is second to none. In the past two years, the price of Hetian jade has doubled.

In the antique market and shopping malls, consumers are more interested in Hetian jade and jade. Among them, Hetian jade bracelets, jade jewels, and jade necklaces and bracelets sold a lot. Merchants estimate that more and more consumers will come to purchase as the year closes, which may also have a small impact on jade prices.

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