Jie Li brand underwear to your charm without trace of the spread out

As the saying goes: beautiful clothes are worn to others to see! Wear the most personal and most intimate show underwear , your charm out. Jie Li Ting brand young people aged 18-46 as the target consumer groups, located in the most consumer fashion needs, with excellent product quality, fashion style, popular consumer positioning, to provide consumers with excellent product.


Continue to follow the festival's festive red, gold silk embroidery highlight luxury, water drop full cup has a good coverage, giving the breast the most perfect care; embroidery extends to the shoulder strap, easy to match.

洁丽挺品牌内衣  把你的魅力不露痕迹的散发出来

Women pay attention to underwear, in addition to comfort, there is no disclosure of marks. Such as lace, or the surface is very sophisticated, not glossy underwear, in fact, very bad take the clothes, easy to have traces.

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