How to join the children's clothing brand Ome Hom chain management

How to join the children's clothing brand Omegame? Join to receive no initial fee? This is a lot of dealers want to join the brand children's concerns. Today was fortunate enough to interview the Dongguan Humen fashion children's clothing brand Mega Star, Mr. Ding Hao operation manager to the majority of dealers to answer questions about joining the children's clothing brand Omega Mega-policies and processes. Reporter: Manager Ding Hello, May I ask what is the positioning of our brand? Omectam Children's Clothing Ding Manager: Hello, Omega Fashion is a famous children's clothing brand launched by Dongguan Fruit Garments Co., Ltd. in 2012. The main consumer groups of Omega Garments locate children aged 2-15 years. The parents are 80 Mainly children's wear affordable, style fashion, personality, fabrics and more for the new environmentally friendly fabrics, channels to regional agents, joined a single shop, counters to join the main, mainly in the second-tier and third-tier cities in the city shop and counter. Reporter: Joining children's clothing brand Omemeng need what conditions? Receive no initial fee? Do you have any decoration? O Me canteen children's clothing manager: joining does not charge the initial fee, as long as there are more than 25 square shop or market counters, by our inspection, with the opening of children's clothing store commercial streets, large communities, schools, downtown business district and other locations, you can We apply to join the children's clothing Omemeng, we are to join the children's clothing Omega in the customer give 100% shelf support. Reporter: Okay, thank you very much for interviewing us. Please tell us about the situation of our company. Omectam children's clothing Ding manager: Dongguan City Fruit Garments Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, after more than 10 years of development, the company now has "fruit" children's clothing, "Omemei" children's wear two well-known brands, the company has a strong design R & D Ability, annual production of children's clothing more than 1000000, the company marketing team to improve the mature management mode of operation, for the majority of agents to provide services to ensure franchisee to join the children's wear brand Omegame can get a reasonable return. Reporter: Once again, I thank Mr. Ding for accepting our interview. I wish Omega Garments more and more strong in 2013. Company Name: Fruit Garments Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City Contact: Mr. Ding QQ: Tel: Company Address: Humen, Dongguan Road on the 11th

  Dyeing is a relatively complicated process. The process of dyeing different quality fabrics is different, such as cotton, polyester-cotton, nylon, polyester, chemical fiber products, blended products and so on. Some use padding, dyeing can be, and some must use high temperature and high pressure dyeing, some only dye once, and some have to be painted multiple times.

  Although dyeing can be done through a rolling mill, it is also the most difficult process, because the color control of dyeing is not only known, but also many unknown things, such as the stability of dyes at different temperatures, steam Control, control of rolling car pressure, etc., are very fine work.

  The dyed long car is divided into two parts, the front car is dyed, and the rear car is fixed. The dyeing method varies according to the type of dye used. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Generally, they depend on the required color and cannot be replaced.

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