Auschwitz European brand underwear interpretation of women's interpretation of the curve

Auschwitz is a European-style brand originating in France and a perfect combination of French romantic classics and modern fashion concepts. Ao Sifangfang attracted consumers who yearn for elegance, focus on quality of life, and keen fashion sense.


In the fashion arena, the embroidery has always been the eternal classic, 3/4 cup noodles, with three-dimensional cut, a comprehensive focus on enhancing the chest line, so you always keep the breast shape, widened side bit design, super side Push the effect, the underarm fat and deputy milk can be moved to the breast, so that the chest is more concentrated upright, free to adjust the shoulder strap, so cup and chest more perfect combination, feel more comfortable to wear and can effectively prevent the slippage .

奥丝奇芳欧式品牌内衣  尽情诠释女性曲线

Small chest MM easily show a sexy deep V, to get rid of petite flat, in line with the scientific design of steel rings and bowls with ears earrings stereotypes effectively pulling the breast gather to prevent breasts sagging, shaping the chest and straight, V stereo- Breasts gathered together, Fengrun mellow, leading cleavage deep charming, using high-end lace, high-grade elegance, enjoy the interpretation of the female curve, bloom the perfect temptation.

Cashmere Fabric is high density,extremely light, stylish, warm, elegant and naturally lustrous with silky soft hand feel, which is very precious textile fabric.

These fabrics are suitable to make high-end clothing including garments, suit, coat, overcoat and so on.

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Cashmere Fabric

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