Gold recycling has a greasy look at three points

At present, there are places where gold is bought in many places on the market, but if you really want to exchange gold for cash, you are still advised to go to the formal gold purchase mechanism to avoid being deceived.

First, the gold is recovered at a high price, but it is on the weight and gold content of the jewelry. For example, some merchants have not used the tools for weighing to identify them according to the "Measurement Law"; some merchants violate the "Measuring Law" and use the method of visual assessment of gold content or use their own instruments to measure, which is very inaccurate.

Second, steal gold when cleaning sweat stains and stains. Under normal circumstances, these gold recycling stores are first to report a price higher than the market, to attract sellers to bring gold ornaments, and then find excuses with sweat, black spots, to clean the gold ornaments. "This wash, washing off two or three grams is no problem."

Third, steal gold when the fire is tested. When gold is recycled, it is generally necessary to check the gold. The popular practice is to use fire. However, some jewellery shops put special materials on the fire-breathing fuel. When the flames burn gold, they can get some gold powder. When the gold powder is picked up, the store will use various excuses to avoid the goods, such as deliberately lowering the price or rejecting because of too many solder joints.

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