Franchisee Testimonials: One No. Tong pointed out that children's clothing liar company's fatal weakness

One Boy Tong headquarters should be kindly invited, I personally share some of the No. 1 joined Tong warehouses important reasons. Originally, I was a No. one Tongcang franchise business is not bad, the time is tight, do not want to write a word to the computer one word, but I deeply understand that from determining the shop to brand choice how tangled! Writing an essay can share something that is valuable to everyone or really helps some people, and I'm still serious about it. In fact, from the contact number one brook I started on the brand very much, because this company really, unlike those crook shell company will only set the trap lie! Consider opening a children's clothing store, this is my very early decision , But spent a lot of time in preparation for the middle. In a sense, I wasted a lot of time. Because the children's wear brand is really much now, it is even no exaggeration to say that every day I have found a new children's wear brand. Children's clothing industry is indeed very good, but also attracted a lot of fraud companies. Cheated cases, I really read more. So how do I determine if I am a liar childrens clothing company? I was like that, no matter how loudly your ads are playing, whether on television or in newspapers or on the web, these can not be the basis for proving the real existence of a project! Looking for projects online Of investors should know that there are some large-scale investment business type website, I do not know the specific point, in fact, the above is also a lot of fraud companies. These cheat companies without exception, a fatal weakness is that there is no real clear store photo! I read a lot of this shell company website, in their website, I can not find some believe there Physical store photos. Photos, this is a very important basis for judging. These liar companies, did not join the case of photos, there is no physical store opening photos. What they said was only a piece of tofu that was so large that it could not be seen in the doorway. But also some children's clothing website to join the case, just a passage, then put a few pictures of clothes, and then said there is a certain place and store opened, in which case we should pay special attention. One No. Tong Tong is not the same, No. Tong Tong will be announced a clear customer contract photo, as well as franchise opening pictures, only from this point, I think First Child Tong did a good job. In addition, No. 1 Tong warehouse also released a lot of photos of internal staff, I also very much appreciate this. Interestingly, the liar company also did not see the photos of the company's internal staff, only like a child Tongcang such a formal company dare to "make appearances!" Long time no articles, the East pulled a bunch of writing, hope For everyone to learn from the significance. Finally I wish one child warehouse bigger and bigger, an early listing! I wish I One Boy Tong store business getting better and better.

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