Warmly celebrate the Disney Kay Ladies Chenzhou, Hunan Huangcheng store grand opening

Warmly celebrate the Disney Kay Ladies in Chenzhou, Hunan Imperial City store grand opening! Huangcheng Friendship is the first brand of Chenzhou boutique department store built by the Friends of the Arab League Group, which combines international well-known restaurant McDonald's, famous restaurants, banks, telecommunications, mobile and other supporting services in order to be more close to the modern urban life The basic form, emphasizing the integration of shopping patterns of consumption, and guide consumers to experience a new urban lifestyle.



Disney Kay Women Chenzhou, China Imperial City store opened on the day, an endless stream of consumers in the store, the sales scene is very hot, good sales performance for the Disney Kay Ladies Chenzhou Zhonghuangcheng store hit a good start, and foreshadowed Diskin Kay Women's Imperial City store in the future business will be booming!



Is Diskin Kay women's stores across the country have a new autumn fall new products, consumers are welcome to visit! Diskin Kay women will allow you to reap the surprise and fashion!

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