Aokang and Sony make big business with business gifts

[China Gift Network News] Since ancient times, there has been a dress in the country, with the statement of courtesy. Does this Confucian ceremonial culture also apply to today's business society? In fact, many modern commercial enterprises, just through small business gifts, have made friends, gained business opportunities, and step by step to make the business bigger and stronger.

The modern business society is a highly competitive society, but many excellent entrepreneurs not only master the culture of competition, but also master the culture of ritual. Sometimes, through the small business gifts, the effect of four or two can be achieved. This kind of business case is in the business world of China and foreign countries.

Aokang footwear industry uses business gifts to talk about big business

China's well-known Aokang footwear industry in Zhejiang Province is now a large listed group company with over 10 billion assets. At the beginning of the development of Aokang footwear industry, there have been real business cases that have used business gifts to overcome many competitors.

At the beginning of the establishment of Aokang Shoes, it is very hopeful to cooperate with international multinational shoe companies. At this time, Geox, which coincides with the famous Italian footwear brand, is looking for a partner in China. Aokang was informed of the news very late, when seven Chinese companies had submitted a letter of intent to cooperate with Geox.

Aokang’s president, Wang Zhenduo, was not discouraged. He asked Geox President Pauli Kato to come to China for a working visit and rushed to Wenzhou Airport to meet Baolijiatu. An hour after the meeting, the staff of Aokang Shoes presented a small illusionary tumbler digital photo frame as a business gift to Polygato. The photo in the photo frame is a photo of the happy talks between Wang Zhenduo and Polygato.

The president of Geox was deeply impressed by the efficiency of Aokang's footwear industry and the novel ideas expressed in the details. After returning to Italy, under the strong support of Polygato, Aokang Shoes officially began to cooperate with Geox and became a famous shoe-making enterprise in China. Aokang footwear industry has only become a story of international big business with its small business gifts worth tens of yuan, and it has become the beauty talk of the national shoe industry.

Japan's Sony uses business gifts to open up the US market

In the Japanese-American trade of that year, the products of Japan's Sony Corporation, Matsushita, Toyota, and Fuji Corporation entered the US market in large quantities, achieving a significant trade surplus.

As we all know, the US business regulations are strict, it is strictly forbidden to introduce the executives of any company and accept large gifts. Japanese companies that understand this rule have carefully studied the birthdays, personal hobbies, family situations, etc. of each executive of the US cooperative company, and based on this information, specially tailored the business to each executive. Gifts, which have been unanimously recognized by all US executives.

It is precisely these small and unique gifts for customers that have enabled Sony to reach a comprehensive partnership with American companies. Japanese companies’ products have since entered the US market like floods.

What do Chinese small and micro enterprises learn from?

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the increasing emphasis on the private economy, a large number of small and private enterprises have emerged in China. For these companies, the market is the lifeline, and the innovative marketing model is the source of power to ensure the healthy development of this lifeline.

Therefore, the vast number of private enterprises in China can fully leverage the long-standing ritual culture of China to find a suitable business gift in the huge gift market with Chinese characteristics, so that it is like Aokang Shoes. Like Sony, it has created more legendary commercial marketing legends through four or two tricks.

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