Children's clothing anti fade tips

All the clothes will be more or less fade problems, especially cotton clothing is inevitable, the following is our majority of children's clothing store to join the store sales and mothers who put off color tips: A reverse drying to avoid decolorization: This method is simple and effective, simply turn the clothes over to dry. Reminder: The vast majority of fabric clothing should be avoided direct exposure to the sun, because UV is the culprit fading clothes, so when we dry clothes not only to turn over to dry, but also as far as possible hung in the dark place of ventilation and clothing Dry. Your clothes will be minimally bleached 2 salt bath wash anti-decolorization: This method is particularly good for denim clothing and suits clothes, the new clothes, the first time soaked in water before soaking in thick brine for about 45 minutes, and then cleaned! If you have a small amount of fade every time you need to soak for 20 minutes, after a few times your clothes will never be bleached. 3 family vinegar anti-decolorization: vinegar to prevent decoloration of children's clothing mainly for red or purple relatively bright cotton clothes and knitwear. Before washing, soak in the water soaked in a little ordinary food vinegar a moment on it. Note that the amount of vinegar not too much, otherwise light colors will fade.

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