Winter fashion change your Christmas costume ready?

More than a week to Christmas, your Christmas costume ready? If not, it is better to look at our recommendations, will give you a new inspiration Oh!

艾格 - ETAM

Fresh and pleasant mint color is not exclusive to the summer, in a bleak winter scene, it may be used in the heavy coat. The use of smooth arc shoulder line design, filling the graceful and feminine, lower body with thick material shorts, warm and sweet fashion beauty woman.

冬季时尚随心变  你的圣诞装束准备好了吗

Cherry red knit skirt, filled with a thick Christmas complex, decorated with ice blue thick stripes, even more fresh and vibrant. Long hair stitching coat coat, with excellent warm effect, lamb skin soft and soft with cortex domineering neat, taking into account the premise of warmth and avoid excessive bloated, must try the winter wonderful.

冬季时尚随心变  你的圣诞装束准备好了吗

Pink, black, white, three-color combination of extra long sweater elegant appearance, the lower body can be matched with a stylish leather shorts, and then set a large area of ​​the fur collar coat, not only to fill the collar part of the sense of vacancy, at the same time Also make warm doubled, a modern city girls image.

safety Vest 

1front is solid fabric, back is mesh fabric

EN471 class 2 reflective tape

yellow, orange


Multi Pocket Vest,Down Vest,Cotton Padded Vest,Mens Cotton Vest

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