Yili Ya volunteers riding the "Mother River Protection of the Xiang River," a successful conclusion

On December 5, 2013, under the leadership of League Committee of Hunan-Zhejiang- Zhiju Super Holdings Group, all employees of Yaliya actively participated in the "Cycling for Protecting the Mother River of Xiangjiang River" and jointly contributed to propaganda and protection of the mother river Share their love!


Activity cycling route for the Changsha City Square - Xiangjiang River Road - Xiangfu Road Bridge - Yang Lake Wetland Park.


"The protection of the mother river of Xiangjiang River" Riding activities began Luo, Ye Liya's partners cheer, you are good!


The process of riding is full of hardships and sweat, but none of Yahya's partners have retreated. The ride from Sail Plaza to Yang Lake Wetland Park takes about 2 hours and the partners are kept neat Team forward, for everyone around pass "to protect the mother river of Xiangjiang" love signal.

Yili Ya "protect the mother river of Xiangjiang River" Volunteer cycling activities on December 5 the successful conclusion of the day, we hope that through this event to strengthen everyone's attention to "protect the mother river of the Xiangjiang River" to protect the mother river of the Xiangjiang River is each of us The common responsibility of living in the mother river embrace.

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