Bosideng together Li Chen, Gillian, bull to do 1000000 down jacket sent to poor mountain areas

Li Chen once said: "There are no celebrities on the road to public welfare and only volunteers." And he has been practicing this saying and has become a volunteer volunteer. 2013 Li Chen, Gillian, bull and many other celebrities have participated in Bosideng "warm fashion star family" tour activities, and at the scene to start public service, we urge everyone to actively participate in Bosideng "warm moment" large public welfare activities, and Bosideng will also donate 1 million down jackets to poor mountainous areas. It is understood that the first 600,000 yuan Bosideng down jacket has been sent to the poor students in Luhuo County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province in early December, the remaining 40 million Bosideng down jacket will be sent to other impoverished mountainous areas in the near future. Public celebrity donations million Bosideng down jacket public service no size, it is important that a heart force, Li Chen, Gillian and bull and many other Bosideng "warm fashion star family" members are dedicated to the public one Share the power. They left a warm memory in 30 large malls in more than 20 cities in Changchun, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang and Jinan, they signed Bosideng down jackets, donated money and clothing to poor families and poor schools in the local area, all of which were I hope more people join Bosideng charity. The appeal of Bosideng's "warm fashion star family" has received millions of people who actively participate in Bosideng's "Warmth" campaign and dedicate their love. In order to let children in impoverished mountainous areas wear Bosideng down jackets as soon as possible, Bosideng donated the first batch of 600,000 yuan worth of down jackets donated for the "Warmth of a Day" event to the Lude Primary School and Luocoma Center of Luhuo County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province School, where children no longer suffer from the pain of the cold. The first batch of 600,000 materials sent to poor Tibetan children jump Guo Zhuang Zhuo thank Huo County is 4800 meters above sea level plateau climate, where large temperature difference between morning and evening, cold, descending primary school and the children on the central Luo Kema school no other cold Clothing, can only wear Tibetan clothes to keep warm. However, because of the inconvenience of Tibetan clothes, children often have to take off their upper body's Tibetan clothes whenever they go to the toilet, which is very easy to catch a cold. Some teachers said frankly: "With these Bosideng down jackets, the children will be much more handicapped." The children who got the Bosideng down jacket were very happy, they also danced Tibetan specialties Guo Guozhuang expressed his thanks. When the school's principals heard that these Bosideng down jackets were the result of numerous celebrities and ordinary people, he was touched and said that although these loving people did not come to school, both he and the children would like to thank those who devoted themselves Caring people, they will pass this warm energy down! Fashion warm stars and fashion warm brand encounter is bound to have more warm action, which is also Bosideng star activities and the "warm moment" public welfare activities, the initial purpose, so that fashion and warm parallel, delivering positive energy.

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