How to choose the children's wear down jacket light color and dark color down jacket which is good

Down to the choice of down the season, a cold step by step, after all, is the so-called cold called "look through the autumn trousers" winter is a satyr, always cold hands to our feet, the child in the winter time to keep warm, down jacket style Is the least, and what kind of jacket is suitable for children? Photo credit: Disney Children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter series Light-colored loose down jacket style is suitable for children, the winter itself will wrap the child a lot, the action itself is very clumsy, do not choose a more tight down jacket style, it will make children very Comfortable, this girl loose down jacket, light-colored style is very sweet. The overall light-colored pattern embellishment, it is suitable for children winter dress oh. Light-colored down jacket, fresh colors, in winter, a pure-color down jacket is the most stylish dress, cute lantern sleeve design is very warm Oh, with a long section of the white with pattern leggings, even more child's vitality, Even more winter wear can not prevent this youthful vitality.

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