DITTO Di Figure Spring Summer 2015 new album and trend analysis

From a big brand in the spring and summer 2015, more and more time to market new products, the new year What are we worth looking forward to it? Take a look at Di Tu women's spring and summer 2015 new products to a glimpse, feel the spring and summer of 2015 popular colors and trends, in advance for the spring 2015 fashion battle ready.

Di Tu women's spring and summer 2015 new products, the continuation of the brand has always been simple and elegant style, with a stylish and interesting trend of printing color and new material, to your refreshing new experience. Next, for your brief analysis of Di spring and summer 2015 new features.

Di Figure Women 2015 spring and summer new art printing

迪图 - DITTO DITTO迪图2015春夏新品画册与流行趋势解析 DITTO迪图2015春夏新品画册与流行趋势解析

In the spring and summer of 2015, a lot of bold color prints inspired designers and the powerful art brush effect brought energy to the solidified design. Di Tu women spring and summer 2015 with stitching animal and plant printing to create a trendy flower pattern season, and the vibrant spring and summer seasons in sharp echo, the painting is full of artistic style and flow of flu, let the wearer to distribute unique elegance Confident temperament.

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