Deciphering the South Red Agate that the villagers madly hacked

Sichuan Liangshan is rich in South Red Agate, and the price of South Red Onyx has been turned over thousands of times from the first few dollars! What is the southern red agate? Today, let us unveil her mysterious veil.

Meigu County of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province is rich in South Red Agate. The price of South Red Agate has increased thousands of times from the first few dollars! Interests have driven the phenomenon of private digging and mining, and local villagers have stolen and looted in spite of their lives. What is the southern red agate? Today, let us unveil her mysterious veil.

【Relevant information】

Red agate, ancient known as red jade.

Red agate is a common silicone mineral, which is basically quartz, and many of its properties are the same as quartz. The rain stone we are familiar with is actually red agate. Red agate is also a variant of chalcedony in mineralogy. It is available in a variety of colors and is often in a variety of colors. Generally translucent to opaque. Red agate is a low-grade gem, but the history of mankind processing it into crafts has been around for a long time. Some red agates also have water inside, called water agate. This kind of agate can still make a sound of water when it is shaking, which is very strange.

Function: Agate is a member of the crystal family and is available in color. Regardless of the agate of any color, it has a thick, stable and soft character. In addition, it can help individuals to calm their emotions. "Agate" is one of the seven gems of Buddhism and can be used for evil. Since ancient times, scholars have regarded agate as the "third eye" in gems, symbolizing friendly love and representing hope.

[physiological role] red red agate can improve endocrine, strengthen blood circulation, make the color better, remove sexual barriers, avoid sexual incompetence and infertility, orange-colored red agate can be on the rectum, gastrointestinal Effectively used to activate internal organs, prevent constipation, help toxins, and have a soothing effect on liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, and varicose veins. Different colors of agate have their own functions. Among them, Boswana is also a kind of agate. It is a natural and complete eye-bearing pearl. It has a super-energy field, which can strengthen personal air and magnetic field, attract positive power and good luck, and enhance the fortune. ! It is said that agate can enhance immune function, promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, treat insomnia and avoid nightmares, and have effects on the thyroid, thymus and vocal cords and solar nerves from the center.

[Psychological effect] It is said that it helps people who are negative at present, who have no goals and enthusiasm, stimulate their curiosity and mobility, and can enhance creativity and creativity. At the same time, agate can eliminate stress and nervousness.

Characteristics of Liangshan South Red Agate

First, the shape: Liangshan South red agate shape resembles a potato, the structure is even and complete, less splitting, easy to process and use. The fineness of the outer skin can be divided into two cases, one is smooth in the south infrared and the other is rough, which can be called “hemp”. The former is fine and the latter should be thicker when processed. Remove it to see the fine meat inside.

Second, color: Liangshan South red agate color is mainly brocade red, cinnabar red, rose red, blush and red, etc., from the color, the more red, the brighter the brighter the less. The more famous colors are "persimmon red", "rose red", "pink" and so on.

Third, the texture: Liangshan South red agate texture is fine, the color is even and rich, and the block is relatively large. Among them, the material with fine texture and uniform material can be used to make various complicated carving works. In addition, some large red agate can be used to make large-scale carving works, among which the precious quality price is over several hundred thousand yuan. .

How to identify rare and rare South Red Agate?

First look at the color, the texture of the South Red Agate is relatively clear, there is no powder or some motley in the middle of the grain, but the fake South Red Agate will show some traces of fire in the crack, which is actually easier to see. . And the fake South Red Agate color is mostly red, but we know that the red South Agate is now very rare.

The true red red agate is particularly smooth and natural when it is touched. It can be seen in the light. It has a light-transmissive character. The southern red agate is a gel-like form, that is, even red. The South Red Agate is also light-transparent, and even the colorless South Red Agate will not be very transparent and will have a sense of guilt.

The red agate will produce weathering under the passage of time, resulting in a crescent-shaped weathering pattern. But there will be no fake.

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