PCORA Baccarat children's wear franchisee opened two and a half months won the sales champion

Adjacent to the year off, good things again and again! Bakora joined the team reported good news: in Xingning City, Liaoning Province Xinglong family franchise stores in the mall anniversary celebration won the first children's clothing sales champion, won the "Best Celebration Dedicated Vendor Award "The honor. Opened on October 31, 2014, the franchise has achieved spectacular results in just two and a half months. In recent years, Baccarat sales of single-store sales in major shopping malls of the major promotional IFS crown, many shops also became a star children's clothing store. Winning a fight may be luck, but winning one after another requires the perfect performance of all aspects of Baccarat, because Barcola is not only facing many competitors, there are tens of thousands of parents licking calves . Franchisee Lee holds the certificate of honor and trophy British pressing Barcola aware of this, so "often want to franchisee think, worry about their parents worry about" and to a higher standard of strict demands on themselves. In 2014, Barcola made a step-by-step commitment to quality, gaining honor and applause all along. The store was clean and tidy, welcomed by children. In 2015, Bakola was still prepared with good products, caring service, strong operation and management team, perfect training system, wealth for the franchisee, parents and children Gather safety and happiness!

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