Fabric sewing performance hemming

Some knitted fabrics are wrapped around their edges in a free state. This phenomenon is called hemming.
A more effective and easier way to eliminate the curling of knitted fabrics is to use yarns with low twist back-twist, such as air-jet yarns, vortex yarns or rotor yarns. Because the structural characteristics of these three kinds of yarns are different from those of ring-spun yarns, they belong to the double-structured yarn, divided yarn core and outer fiber. The yarn core structure of the rotor yarn is familiar with the ring yarn, and the outer fiber structure is loose. The outer fiber structure is loose and there is no regular winding around the yarn core. The Z twists and S twists exist at the same time, so the twisting force is the lowest; the air flow yarn and the vortex yarn Due to the high proportion of parallel, untwisted core fibers, there is also a low degree of drag force.
Hemming is the insufficiency of knitted fabrics. The curling phenomenon will affect the style of the clothing. It will bring great inconvenience to the cutting and affect the size of the fabric. The curling will also bring troubles on the sewing. As a result, the efficiency of the sewing work is reduced and the production schedule is affected. It can also cause irregularities in the seams of clothing pieces or changes in the size of clothing edges, which ultimately affects the overall effect of clothing and the size of clothing. Therefore, the existence of curling is usually avoided. A spray is used abroad to stiffen the cloth edges to overcome the curling phenomenon. Ribbed ribs, rolled ribs, inlaid adhesive linings, or widened edges are commonly used in production to solve problems.

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