Summer vest with boys and girls vest style

Vest style is the summer's most cool dress, so, a vest is absolutely indispensable, so spring and summer vest dress became the most eye-catching, not to mention what the spring and summer wear good-looking, so the real spring and summer season you Will know that in fact cool is the most important. Watermelon Prince children cool vest style with. Whether boys or girls vest style wear are needed, watermelon princesses children's vest style with girls, girls are more brisk vest, shirt vest in the form, as well as strap design. Lower body with a wave of shorts, full of tide flavor, but also very fresh Oh. Summer vest style will not feel hot, may not yet appreciate the hot, but when you really get to the summer you will feel good winter, people always such conflicts, especially children will be particularly lively So summer can not wear too cumbersome, watermelon prince children's wear a vest style with shorts enough.

Water Oil Repellent Fabric

The Waterproof and oil repellent fabric is also called [breathable fabric". It is a functional fabric that combines oil-proof, waterproof, moisture-permeable and warm-keeping properties after PU coating or film coating. It can resist the invasion of rain and stains. The body's hot air and sweat can be discharged in time to keep the body dry, warm and comfortable.
The Waterproof and oil repellent fabric produced by Xinke Protective has excellent waterproof and moisture permeability. The products have been tested by the authoritative testing institutions SGS and ITS. The water pressure resistance can reach 10000 MM or above and the moisture permeability can reach 8000g/m2 for 24 hours.
Of course, you can also combine anti-static fabric and flame retardant fabrics or insect repellent fabric to combine their functions to choose the right multi-functional fabric.

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