Summer big "wash" days, get rid of the summer laundry trouble!

Summer, see the goddess, fluttering dress, smile, look at the gods, life hard work, sweat, but also passionate than summer, enjoy the passion of the summer, then the problem has come? 1 [white clothing hot pot grease] a little toothpaste moistened with a drop of water, evenly applied to the grease, gently rub. The white foam covered the entire piece of cloth, washed with water, the grease completely disappeared, there are toothpaste on the clothing of the fragrance. 2 [clothing smell] can be dirty clothes first soak in 20: 1 white vinegar water for 10 minutes, and then for routine cleaning, there will be no smell 啦. 3 [remove residual detergent] In the countdown to the second time pouring wash, with 100: 1 diluted vinegar soaked in water soak for 5 minutes, then clean water cast clean, detergent does not leave no residue will not hurt the skin. 4 [clothes on the pen and ink] Web-based wind oil to write the effect of handwriting is not ideal! But certainly not the following two strokes can not! Erguotou + water, there will be handwriting soaked in the Erguotou, and then use detergent to clean it. Or pour milk in the handwriting stains, dip point water rub, the effect is leveraged drip! 5】 【sauce stains Soak the clothes soaked in soy sauce, sprinkle with sugar in the stains scrub, drift net can be; or soda powder coated in wet stains, wait for ten minutes rinse water, soy sauce stains Go to the same light! 6 [clothes on the paint] Spray the perfume sprayed on the clothing gently rub rub, water rinse, fragrant without leaving marks. Water-soluble paint (such as water-soluble paint, latex paint) and home interior paint, water immediately washed away. 7 [grass stains] 100 grams of salt +1000 grams of water, the stained clothes into the salt water soak for 10 minutes soak, it is easy to wash off the grass stains. 8 [Dyeing clothes] rinse with warm water in the washing machine, add 84 disinfectant, half a bottle of water plus about one-third bottle of disinfectant, rinse for about 25 minutes, the clothes dry, it will restore the original color. 9 [so clothing does not fade] Just bought back the new clothes in the salt water (1 bucket of water 1 tsp salt), rinse immediately after rinse with water, do not soak for too long, on a cool ventilated place to dry . 10 [blood] the first principle, can not use hot water! ! Just stained immediately with cold water or light salt water, then soap or 10% potassium iodide solution ok ok. The easiest way is to buy plus enzyme detergent, remove blood stains, the effect is very good; if contaminated for a long time, available 10% ammonia or 3% hydrogen peroxide wipe dirty, after a while, then strong cold water wash. 11】 【plaster Yi Yi rub on the plaster available alcohol plus a few drops of water (or Erguotou) rubbed in place stained with plaster, and then rinse with water; can also be edible surface sprinkled with dirt, add some warm water, rub Several times, you can remove. If the alkali surface iron spoon heated to sprinkle dirt, then wash with warm water, decontamination faster. Wash rice water + orange peel is simple and effective: to retain the rice water or orange peel into the pot after boiling water, the yellowing of the clothes soaking scrub which can easily restore the white clothes. Will not produce side effects on the skin and does not hurt the clothing. 12 【Sweat】 Sweat Because it contains fat, it is easy to coagulate inside the cloth fiber. Therefore, add about 2 tablespoons of ammonia in the wash. After soaking for a few minutes, scrub it, wash it with water, and then follow the normal laundry procedure. You can remove myself! 13 [Beer, yellow wine stains] stain newly stained, put the water immediately scrub that is off. The trace can be washed with water first, and then 2% ammonia and borax mixed solution to wash, and finally rinse with water rinse. 14】 【a variety of fruit juice stains Immediately spread salt in the dirt, light rub hand, wet with water after immersion detergent solution can also be washed with warm water, soap strong wash; , You can use 5% ammonia water and organic acids in the juice, and then wash with detergent. Ketchup can be scraped dry, wash with warm detergent. After the jelly can be shampooed with water after shampooing, then soapy alcohol liquidwash, water rinse. 15 [Wool stains on the ink] When the wool or cloth stained with ink, should first rinse with hot water or boiled water, and then scrub with soap and water, then rinse with water, you can clean. Do not wash with cold water, because it will make the color into the fiber, it is difficult to wash. 16 [lipstick printing] stained with lipstick, you can use sparkling mineral water or soda water for cocktails, pour it on a clean cloth pat where there are marks, very effective Oh! 17 [tea, coffee stains] is tea, coffee, these drinks contaminated clothes, immediately wash with 70-80% hot water, can be removed. Old tea, can be concentrated salt brine dipped. Silk and woolen fabric can be rubbed with 10% glycerol solution, rinsed with detergent and rinsed with water. Old coffee traces available 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to clean, and then washed with water, salt or glycerol solution can also be used to clean. 18 【Candle oil】 First scrape the surface wax, with two sheets of toilet paper were placed on the stain up and down, with iron two or three times, with the heat of the iron fiber cloth wax melting, melting wax oil is absorbed . Repeated several times, the candle can be removed in addition to net. 19 [chewing gum] The clothes wrapped in plastic bags, put in the freezer for a long time, so the clothes on the gum harden out, gently rub, chewing gum soon fell, and no trace! 20 [clever white shoes] shoes washed first clean the soaked shoes soaked in beer for three minutes, and then take the shoes to the balcony, on the shade, and in the upper with a piece of toilet paper cover dry! Obvious effect oh! 21 [clever wash towel] towel for a long time, often wet sticky, available salt rubbed, washed with water, you can remove the wet sticky things. 22 [easy to wash off the mold on the mildew] mildew on clothing can be exposed to sunlight, clear brush hair after use, and then washed with alcohol; the mildew contaminated clothes soaked in soapy soaked , With soapy water, set the sun for a while, repeatedly drying several times until the mildew cleared, and then rinse with water.

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