Warmly congratulate Angel stage parent-child shop Heyuan store grand opening

The Children's Day that has thrilled us in June is perfect. But if your heart is Childhood, Children's Day is every day, There are other festivals in June. For example, Dragon Boat Festival is about to arrive. We want Dragon Boat Festival, Eating dumplings, but also to prepare new clothes, moms if they can not find reason to buy clothes, then take advantage of the Dragon Boat Festival together with the children to prepare a set of parent-child equipment it, the angel stage mother and daughter brand charm struck June angel stage parents Heyuan store installed a grand opening for your visit. Parent-child brand is now installed more and more, but the choice is also a problem, the general parent-child brands are less concentrated, so suddenly can not think of any parent-child brand, Xiaobian introduction of this parent-child brand Is the mother and daughter dress, daughter and mom wearing the same clothes effect is absolutely great, not only can show love, but also make hot mom even more tender Oh. Angel stage mother and daughter not only allows you to wear a very sensual, two people wearing the same clothes, do not think it is a Zhuangshan, but would envy, parent-child equipment is a family dress, and mother and daughter only two Love between the women wear, let the men by the side of the angel stage mother and daughter models are people want to have, do not believe your own classic look at it.

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