How to dress in winter fashion: the right color for winter clothes Q advanced

Winter dull and cold, seems to make us less a little passion for life. In order to mobilize everyone's passion, in this winter we have to wear colorful. Xiaobian teach you the following four kinds of solid color color scheme, allows you to become light fashion passers-by!


Yellow + gray

The classic is classic, black and white ash. If you only have these winter colors, it will look more dull or boring. May occasionally interspersed in these colors yellow. Bright and warm yellow, embedded in a knee-length long coat, suit collar, with a loose version, as well as oversized pockets, this solid color and simple cropped coat, take the gray primer, Collisions between colors will make you more attractive. This color scheme, the focus will be transferred to the slim upper body, naturally thinner.

冬季怎么穿衣才时尚:正确配色 让冬衣Q进阶

Pink + white

Flour da color, full of girl heart. In every woman's heart, there will be a girl's heart, this pink coat, just to highlight their inner beauty. Pink coat, coupled with a wide belt waist, allows you to refuse bloated. The pink and white is undoubtedly a good partner, so that the original soft pink looks a little more tenderness. The texture of white can also be neutral and pink tenderness, wear a stylish atmosphere. Recommended white color of the girls will be arranged in the upper body pink, set off more attractive complexion, pink coat with white trousers, street shooting common modeling programs.

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FR Coveralls

FR Coverall is a protective garment that is worn during work and produce. The style of structure, color configuration and material selection of the FR Coverall are designed for the purpose of safety first, which is the functional difference between the work FR Coverall and other garments. Furthermore, in the design of labor protection FR Coverall,FR Jackets,FR Shirts,FR Pants. Which safety and protection functions are the first. On this basis, the rationality and comfort of the FR Suit shape should be considered, so that the binding force of the FR Coverall to the human body is reduced to a minimum, thereby improving the work effectiveness.

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