Aisiwen gray belt different gray coat for how to wear

In the fast-paced life, saw the gray seems to press the pause button, the heart followed calm down. Xiaobian think everyone should have a gray heart, there is a can be cured of the Pure Land. If so, give yourself a touch of gray this winter.


Is not it a bit unexpected? Down jacket can also wear a fashion sense. A long down calf down jacket, light think it all feel warm no. Elegant gray, not only do not feel dim, but also feel a bit fresh. Not horizontal stripes but the diamond pattern pressure line technology, but also make the whole look down jacket more features. Added to the hat wool treatment, not only in line with the visual beauty, but also increase the warmth of transmission. Such a down jacket, if it is you, how would you choose to take? Striped shirt + casual jeans, seemingly casual dress, it seems very applicable, more casual feeling, but also reduced age fashion.

佧茜文灰色地带 不同的灰色外套适合怎么穿搭

Solid color coat can be said that the classic single product, do not worry will be out of date. Just cover the length of the buttocks, very wearing practicality. To fan simple design, back to nature, looks very simple atmosphere. Take the tender green knit sweater to grab the eye, self-cultivation version of clothing worn out by the exquisite body, lower body with an irregular skirt skirt, a pair of black temperament boots to easily wear out, but Xiaobian advice, no matter how beauty should wear leggings oh!

Picture credit: Sissi

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