Is the meaning of the "hot color" of the jade and the "spicy" of the hot girl?

Green jade is one of the main color systems in many color categories, but it is unpredictable due to the difference in green shade. At the same time, the industry often uses a word "hot" to describe green jade. Many people may feel a little strange. Why do you use a taste word to explain the visual jade color? So what does "hot color" specifically mean?


Because the Chinese people are very fond of jade, there are a lot of jade merchants and people who buy jade and jade, and they have formed many in-line words and sayings in their constant transactions and exchanges. Such as "the dragon has water everywhere", "Ning buy a line, do not buy a large piece", "nothing is not covered", etc., everyone's proverbs are meant to have certain specific properties of jade, many common sayings built the most jade The basic form.

Green is the representative color of jade, and depending on the degree of shade of the color, various greens can be subdivided. More than half of the interest in jade comes from the excitement brought by green. Green is the main color of jade, the color is changeable, and the composition is rich. The classification of green is the most basic description. Besides, it also forms some The appropriate vocabulary is used to illustrate the changes in green at the deeper level.


Among them, the word "hot color" is specifically used to describe the green color in the jade color. The word "hot" is scattered in the folk and industry, and is mentioned from time to time when introducing emerald green. If a piece of jade green is bright, rich, and prominent, unlike the common mild green, it can be called "hot color." "Spicy" is a very sensible word, but also a lively word, such as the word "hot girl", a "spicy" word to show the girl's youthful youth, sunshine, and fashion.

Since it is a colloquial language, there is no uniform standard. There is no standard definition of color and spicy, and there is no standard sample to refer to. The original intention is to rely on the intention to understand, so there seems to be a vague situation in the characteristics of the appeal object. It is the unique characteristics of understanding jade, which reflects the importance of sensory feelings.

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