Foreign Brand Survival Survey: Spanish Children's Wear MOMOCO

Foreign Brand Survival Survey: Spanish Children's Wear MOMOCO

The children's wear brand MOMOCO (Spain) from Spain has no vivid cartoon image and no prominent origin, but since entering the Chinese mainland market in 2001, it has opened more than 200 self-operated stores and franchise stores in major cities. And set up branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an and Chengdu, and established a good sales network. What helped MOMOCO quickly open the door to China? With such a problem, we interviewed Chen Runlin, general manager of Xiamen Youhe Clothing Company.

Reporter: Most “Yang” brands will encounter “problem” when they merge with the domestic market. Has MOMOCO encountered any such problems in the four years it has entered? How to resolve it?

Chen Runlin: Localization is the first consideration for many foreign brands entering the Chinese market. The same is true of MOMOCO. Although it is a brand from Spain, we have our own R&D strength. Other foreign brands that are merely handed over by agents may be closer to the Western frontier in terms of design concepts, but after all, the East and the West are There are differences in culture, color preferences, layout, and other aspects. This is also the reason for the dissatisfaction of land and water. The stable design team of MOMOCO is the key to avoid this problem. The senior Hong Kong design director and the younger designers team make this Spanish branded children's clothing brand not only meet the needs of the Chinese mainland market, but also Rapidly absorb the European epidemic. At the same time, the Group has a history of designing and manufacturing children's wear for Europe and the United States for more than 10 years. It has an internationalized clothing marketing human resources reserve and brand management system, which can quickly and effectively reflect on the market.

Reporter: During the market operation, how do you feel about the current state of the children's wear market in China? How does MOMOCO (Mamimarca) create differentiated operations in competition?

Chen Runlin: I think at the current stage, the most important problem in China’s children’s wear market is the lack of originality in children’s clothing companies and the serious homogenization of brands. Many companies are crowded into the same channel, and in the end they can only rely on price wars and sales promotions to obtain limited space profits. . On the surface, Chinese children have the potential to consume 300 million people. However, although the actual market is large, the effective consumer groups are not large. We do not position ourselves in terms of traditional product forms, but specialize in the characteristics of the target customers. According to the age group of children, we divide the designer teams into three major groups and conduct subdivision research and development, from daily life to sports and leisure. . This not only takes into account the different needs of multi-level customers, but also avoids a single product style. The more than 10 years of experience in the production of children's clothing, as well as the analysis of accumulated data and information on children's wear brand operations over the past five years, are the basis for subdividing the target market and the basis for differentiated operations.

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